Vessells recently held a fundraiser called "Beat the Heat for Birdsong" at Vessell's Fitness.

On Saturday, June 24th Vessell's Fitness hosted a fundraiser called "Beat the Heat for Birdsong."  The fundraiser included a Push/Pull meet and a Circuit Challenge competition all held outdoors. There were 21 Powerlifters, 10 Circuit Challenge Participants, 35 Sponsors and 20 Volunteers who raised $12,000 for the cause.    Steven Birdsong is a powerlifter from Rolla who has set numerous national and state lifting records during his career, he is also a personal trainer at Vessell's.  Earlier this year he was struck with a rare illness and was in Columbia ICU for over 2 months.  Just this past week, he was transferred back to PCRMC.   Rolla's Jared Tharp was the top lifter with a 405 pound bench and 540 pound deadlift; totally 945 pounds.   Matt Woessner & David Chirban were the 1st Place team in the Circuit Challenge which was a timed event to make it through 4 stations while sprinting back to your partner.  Their winning time was 3:34.