The volunteers who spend time on various projects and services at Phelps County Regional Medical Center helped the hospital to the tune of about half a million dollars in 2016.
Tina Pridgeon, director of Auxiliary and Volunteer Services at the hospital, told the hospital's Board of Trustees recently that of the 204 members of Auxiliary and Volunteer Services, 133 adults and 35 VolunTEENS regularly donated hours last year. Adult program hours totaled 21,287 and VolunTEEN hours numbered 1,260.
Using the figure of $21.57, which is Missouri's value of a volunteer's hour, according to, Pridgeon figured the adult added value to be $459,160.59 and the VolunTEEN's added value at $27,128.20.
That gives total added value of $486,338.79 to the hospital in 2016 by the volunteers, both young and older.
Hospital board members and administrators were immensely grateful, and CEO Ed Clayton publicly thanked the auxilians and volunteers for their help over the years in making the hospital the recognized institution it is today.
Pridgeon noted that PCRMC Auxiliary and Volunteer Services was named Auxiliary of the Year in 2016 by the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries.
And this year, just last week on April 27, the Missouri Hospital Association featured the PCRMC Auxiliary and Volunteer Services on its website in honor of National Healthcare Volunteer Week.
Pridgeon talked about some of the other accomplishments and projects of 2016.
In May last year, the PCRMC Auxiliary hosted the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries District III Conference. Some 60 volunteers from nine hospitals attended.
Last year, the PCRMC Auxiliary provided $16,000 in scholarship funds to local nursing/allied health students.
The Auxiliary continued support of Camp Capable. used an Easter Basket contest to donate baskets for Russell House children and marked the 10th year for the Happy Hauler program.
A new project this year is to work with the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the Mid-Missouri AHEC for a program called Safe Send-Off. College volunteers help patients with the discharge process.
College volunteers and Auxiliary volunteers also work together on the Nursery Cuddler program in which students rock, cuddle and console babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome.
At this spring's Auxiliary appreciation luncheon for volunteers. Eleven people have volunteered for 20 or more years. One of those is Audrey Huddleson, who with 35 years is the longest-serving PCRMC Auxiliary volunteer.
Pridgeon made her presentation at the Finance Committee meeting, held just prior to the hospital board meeting, so all board members were present.
Also at the Finance Committee meeting, Chief Financial Officer Jana Cook presented the March financial report.
Net operating revenues for the month totaled approximately $20,970,000, which was over budget by $421,000.
The month's expenses amounted to approximately $20,278,000, which was over budget by $273,000.
Income from operations for March was approximately $693,000 which was over budget by $149,000.
Non-operating income was $364,000, over budget by $38,000.
Net income for the month was apprximately $1,057,000, over budget by $186,000.
The month of March was in the top 10 of all months, financially speaking, tying for fourth place with February, which was also a good month.
Year to date the net income is $4,474,000, over budget by $1,817,000.
So far this year, total uncompensated care has amounted to approximately $11,771,000. Of that $10,632,000 is bad debt and $1,139,000 is charity care.
Other topics discussed either at the finance committee meeting or the full board meeting were:
* The expansion of Missouri's Medicaid system on May 1 to a statewide managed care system. This is a confusing subject, but Missouri has been operating a managed care system in 54 counties including Phelps County, with the other counties receiving Medicaid services through a state-run program, according to information provided by the hospital.
Three companies will offer managed care services. United Healthcare (replacing Aetna), MissouriCare and Home State Health Plan.
Here's where it gets sticky for patients: PCRMC, the PCRMC Medical Group and PCRMC Bond Clinic, will be in-network with only Home State Health Plan.
"Medicaid managed care recipients should pick which managed care plan they prefer or they will be auto-assigned to one of the three managed care plans. Recipients will have 90 days from the date their coverage begins to change plans for any reason. Patients with questions should call PCRMC's EnrollU division at 573-458-3676.
Hospital CEO Clayton was candid in his assessment of the change, noting that he believed there would be no way possible for it to occur without great confusion and misunderstanding. He encouraged calls to EnrollU.
In another discussion, the board talked about a grievance policy for patients or their famlies with concerns about their care.
"We want a process that will bring us in compliance with Medicare expectations, but we also want a process that truly investigates and addresses the concerns brought forth by the patients," Clayton said in a written statement.
Finally, Cook noted CliftonLarsonAllen firm has completed fieldwork for the audit of the PCRMC 2016 financial statements. That was done in March.
In the personnel committee report, hospital human resources director Frank Lazzaro reported on turnover rate being down. "We are trending in the right direction," he said.
Ten people retired in the first quarter.
There were 112 job openings at the time of the report.