ST. JAMES—This time of year it's a more likely scenario to save a turkey or duck from a bad baste than a bad blaze, however it was a fire that endangered more than 40 turkeys and ducks Tuesday, December 30. 

Around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday the St. James Fire Protection District responded to a structure fire at 12374 Private Drive 3467 in St. James.

Upon arrival St. James Fire found a a shed engulfed in flames, which housed a number livestock animals including turkeys and ducks.

Fire Chief Bruce Parton said that the owner, firefighters and neighbors worked to remove the turkeys and ducks while fighting the flame. No ducks or turkeys were lost to the fire during the incident.

"Not to our knowledge," Parton said of the more than 40 animals. "Some people may say, 'Well it's just a turkey or duck,' but those are somebody's pets and I know if it were my dogs I'd be upset and doing the same."

St. James Fire was able to get the flame under control by 7:30 p.m.

Parton said the suspected cause of the fire was a heat lamp placed too near hay.

The fire did not threaten any other structures, however the shed was a complete loss.