"Inside of me sat a burning question. I wanted to know the truth about Christmas and why people all over the world knew that this day was special."

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I’m still enjoying the glowing lights, sweet treats, unwrapped gifts, our family drawing close, and the remnant of festive tunes on the radio–oh, how I still love celebrating at this time of year! I delighted in seeing our children’s anticipation grow as Christmas day approached and I’m grateful that they didn’t wake me before 6:30 a.m. I grin as I remember back in time to my fading childhood memories. As the eldest, I always took it upon myself to crawl on the bedroom floor and shake my sisters awake before 5 o’clock in the morning. We’d tiptoe together down the black shadowed stairs and almost skip towards the glistening colors of our Christmas tree. This was where the large unwrapped gifts sat from our mysterious Santa Claus.

For me back then, it was all about the presents with my name on them, my family, our traditions, and every melt in your mouth goody that I could get my hands on. Once, I can even remember lying in bed and hearing reindeer hoofs on our roof as I drifted off to sleep–I was smitten by the fanciful magic of Christmas. It now saddens me that I didn’t always grow up knowing that Christmas was the one day set aside to remember Jesus Christ’s birthday. I didn’t know that the candy cane, the wreath, the Christmas tree, the stockings, the songs, and even Santa Clause–held deeper meanings. You can only imagine what a grievous day it was when I found out that Santa wasn’t real. I felt so alarmed, embarrassed, angry, and tricked by everyone in my family who kept up the charade. In my book, my parents had lost a bit of trust in the truth-telling department.

Inside of me sat a burning question. I ached to know the truth about Christmas and why people all over the world knew that this day was special. Relief and joy filled me when the missing pieces to this puzzle were found on a chilly Sunday morning in December. It was in Sunday School that I learned about Jesus’ birthday from my faithful teacher. It was in the church service that I learned what the Bible said about my need for a Savior and His coming in the humble form of a baby on that first Christmas morning.

Today, as I clean up and recover from our Christmas celebration, I want you to know that I was praying for you–my readers on the days prior to Christmas day. I prayed that you found a grace-filled church family that shared the Biblical truth about Christmas with you. I prayed that Jesus Christ would become more real to you than ever before and that you were blessed by Him. I love you and am so grateful for your faithfulness in following this blog.

I will share with you again next week, until then dear friends, I pray you enjoyed the blessings of a very Merry Christmas and will be richly blessed by Jesus in our coming new year!

With Love, Kelly