There are certain things in life that give my joy.
I will venture to say that -10 degrees and a foot of snow do not.
However, when the horsepower in my brain overwhelms the limited power beneath my hood, and I get stuck in said snow, it's nice to have a friend to help.
I am referring to Shane Gilliam of Gilliam Gold Exchange, who helped me out of the snow on Sunday.
Here's the short version.
Six feet of driving in reverse rendered my Chevy Malibu inert, and it was clear that I was going nowhere.
Within minutes, Shane pulled into the parking lot. In less than 10 minutes, he had me rolling down Seymour Street, on my way to Rolla to fulfill my duties as Paul Hackbarth's Sunday afternoon relief.
I'm not going to lie – when I look out the window on a Sunday and see a foot of snow on the ground, I usually just go back to bed.
Shane spent the entire day driving around town, pulling people out of the snow.
That is either crazy or remarkably kind. Maybe it's both.
Either way, I could think of nothing better to do this week than thank him for helping me out.
He could have opted for the couch like I did, but he was out being a good neighbor.
Many of you know Shane. Chances are, he has pulled you out of a snowy mess at some point.
If you see him, thank him for me.
I had a lot of "beefs" to write about this week, but this seemed the more appropriate topic.
Besides, I could have been stuck in the snow on Sunday.
Being from the South, we don't get stuck in the snow – we just lie to our boss about it to avoid going to work.
So, technically, I never knew the grim reality of being stuck until I moved to Missouri.
I told my Dad over the weekend that I should have moved somewhere warmer.
Considering I spent all but a year of my life in a region that is significantly warmer than St. James, that statement made very little sense.
I will say, however, I need to purchase a more practical vehicle if I am going to stay in this region.
A two-wheel drive car is not exactly the best method of transportation for a news man whose job doesn't stop for the weather.
Walking to Rolla in the snow – or walking to Rolla in any kind of weather – doesn't sound like much fun.
Plus, I can't count on Shane to be driving through St. James every time it snows.
I guess it's time to ponder my next vehicle purchase.
Wish me luck!