Think of all the horror movies you’ve seen during your life. Some of the scariest were those predictive monsters or ghouls who you knew were vicious, mean and dangerous—and you had no way to stop them.

Think of all the horror movies you’ve seen during your life. Some of the scariest were those predictive monsters or ghouls who you knew were vicious, mean and dangerous—and you had no way to stop them.
Yet, these beasties seemed so fallible. Just how fast can a Blob move? Wouldn’t a 50’ tall woman make quite a big target--same for King Kong and Godzilla?
Some had paranormal and/or a back-from-the-dead knack. They had supernatural flair to eviscerate everybody in dramatic and explosive ways. Until our heroes, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, et al, figured out a way to terminate them, they were impenetrable from bullets, rockets and Tea Partiers, (AKA, the good guys).
Such is our current state of affairs. Obamacare is covering up America like The Blob, not with affordable health insurance like promised, but by an ever-tightening government grip on our freedoms and privacy. These monsters are determined to kill our Healthcare and make ordinary citizens their slaves.  Obama and Dems are the self-proclaimed arrogant central planners--enemies of America. They sold us Obamacare with lies and stealth.
According to Democrats, Obamacare cannot be stopped, delayed or defeated. You will be its victim unless you are a member of Congress, a union or our first and hopefully last royal family, the Obamas. Obamacare is The Blob—and only the Central Planners are exempt.
The town-folk are getting restless. As of today, 54% of Americans regret that Obamacare passed and only 38% are happy it did. The pitch-forks and torches hang in the voting booths of 2014.
Every day, the Obamacare-blob-beat goes on—consuming the HC of millions of Americans.
Obamacare, like Original horror flicks, were made in serious mode to scare you even more than a third Obama Term. They were so goofy that most begged to be satirized. I’m not sure we’re quite ready for this horror movie, but let’s review some Mel Brooks’ and Mike Meyers’ satirical classics and catch some of the irony to today’s fiasco. Enter stage fright!
·         Frankenstein-Young Frankenstein- Mel Brook’s deliriously funny poke at the Mary Shelley classic. Who didn’t laugh when the mention of Frau Blucher, played by Cloris Leachman, made horses neigh and bray in fear? It was rumored that “blucher” meant glue in German. Let us not forget that Mary Shelley wrote this during the summer of 1816 whence she and a group of other young vacationers were forced by the freezing weather to a lodge by the fire. There, they traded stories about men being put together out of graves. Mary dreamed the scenes she later wrote for Frankenstein. The Little Ice Age of that era is reminiscent of today’s cooling and a well-deserved slap in the face of that Global Warming Monster, ALGORE.
·         Any Movie on the Nazis and the Holocaust-The Producers. I was originally offended by this pic when I first saw it in the late 60’s. Then I figured out that this was a hilarious scam to separate cash out of little old ladies. Springtime for Hitler and Germany was just about as funny as the Obamacare Website is sad. Of course we’re all in Little Old Lady Land with our cash being lifted by a bunch of lying Socialists.
·         Star Wars Series-Spaceballs-a raucous parody of the Evil Empire movies from George Lucas by Mel Brooks. One of the funnier bits was the password to get into the safe, 1-2-3-4-5. Reminds one of how easy signing up for Obamacare isn’t.  May the Schwartz be with you! OY!
·         Psycho-High Anxiety-yet another Mel Brooks comedy classic based on Alfred Hitchcock’s hit. The replica of the shower scene using a newspaper as the knife and an angry bellboy as the murderer was a reminder of how the MSM attacks conservatives.  A whip-snapping Cloris Leachman reminds one of mad scientist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the face of Obamacare.
·         James Bond Movies-Austin Powers, from Mike Meyers, funny and faux coolness right down to the cheap sex comments like “Shagadelic” or the famously flawed teeth dissing the lack of dental coverage in the UK’s universal HC. The fembots with guns flaming from their mechanical breasts were pre-empted in humor by the auspiciously slow moving steamroller completely flattening a screaming opponent after what seemed like an hour-long chase at ½ MPH. That’s what Obamacare is and will be doing to us unless something is done in 2014 and 2016.
I predict a movie parodying Obamacare someday. It’ll many years from now when and if we are able to laugh again—long after its Socialist/Communist promoters are gone.
In the meantime, one movie I’d pay to see is THE INCREDIBLY SHRINKING PRESIDENT, written and directed by the American People.