A lost dog, or is it a lost owner?

  We have named her Sophie because it seems to suit her. We have no clues as to her real name. All we know is that she appears to be a full-grown female Chihuahua, about 10 pounds. When she was found by someone in the Cando Cemetery July 30th she was waring a tagless blue collar. She was not micro-chipped. She is friendly, gentle and quiet, is house broken and understands basic commands. Someone must be missing her. Did her owner visit a grave site in Cando and fail to notice that she had jumped out of the vehicle to explore?  Did the owner drive away while the little dog was absorbing the enticing scents of creatures that had been there before her?

  One would think the owner might have noticed the pet was missing a few miles down the road and back-tracked to find her. One would think no stone would be left unturned in efforts to locate a missing pet. Call local law enforcement, veterinary clinics; put up posters around town; notify newspapers, radio and TV stations and go on the internet to post lost notices on Facebook and Twitter.

  It's been a week and no one has looked for Sophie, or Holly, or whatever name she was given by her owner. How can that be? Poor Sophie is missing her home. Surely by now someone is missing her too.