American Pickers T.V. show pick through Boonville

Boonville must have some items of interest for picking to bring History Channel's American Pickers television show since they filmed an episode throughout downtown on Thursday.
American Pickers,a show on the History Channel, stars, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who travel the Midwest, picking through items people do not want any more.  
Throughout the entire day on Thursday, Wolfe and Fritz were busy going through some downtown buildings owned by Boonville citizen Pam Davis. During the filming, many individuals gathered around downtown to get a glimpse of the crew along with the stars. At many points during the day, the stars met with many of their fans, even taking pictures with them.
The Pickers discovered Boonville when Boonville Assistant Tourism Director Sherry Broyles contacted them upon finding they would be coming to Missouri. She thought it could be a good opportunity for Boonville.
A scout for the show arrived about two weeks prior to the filming and found out that local citizen Pam Davis had many items, which would be of interest for the pickers.
Once Wolfe and Fritz arrived, Davis said she was astonished about how friendly they were.
"They were so nice to the people by taking pictures with them and signing autographs. A girl walked by Cooper's Oak Winery who had a 'pickers t-shirt' on. Mike ran outside and got her and brought her in. She was beaming as she had her little boy with her to take a picture," Davis said.
"It was amazing to see them work. What you see on T.V. is what you see in real life," Thomas Stanley said. "They are aggressive diggers of whom are real knowledgeable."
Stanley said Wolfe was very interested in Boonville and the progress it has made.
"He talked to us a lot about his hometown and the city council he served on. He talked about how his hometown revitalized their downtown. He had a world of knowledge, not just about the picking, but how we can make a community better," Stanley said.
Davis said the experience was wonderful.
"It gave us a chance to get rid of some things," Davis said. "It was most important to us to promote Boonville,"
Davis could not talk about any details but did say the show would air in a about two months.