Rolla's John's Firestone ties for fifth place in 16-team event.

Brown Pro/Shop N Go (Guys N Gals) of Springfield swept through the 16-team field undefeated to capture the championship of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Missouri Class D Coed State Tournament, held over the weekend at the Ber Juan Park Sportsplex.

Fusion of Springfield finished in second place while Put Out or Get Out of Ozark was third, KC Boozers of Garden City fourth and John's Firestone of Rolla and Creative Touch of St. Louis tied for fifth place.

Brown Pro/Shop N Go finished 5-0 in the double-elimination contest, defeating Rolla's Miller 64 15-2, Fusion 10-7, KC Boozers 12-8 and, in the finals of the winners bracket, Put Out or Get Out 19-0.

In the championship game Brown Pro/Shop N Go clipped Fusion 7-6 in an all-Springfield final.

John's Firestone finished 2-2, defeating Smack That of Mountain Grove 16-6, topping Creative Touch 7-6 and in the losers backet losing to Put Out or Get Out 15-2 and falling to Fusion 16-2.

There were two other teams from Rolla in the field – Miller 64 and Spoon Me/Benton Square.

Miller 64 finished 0-3, losing to Brown Pro/Shop N Go in the first round and in the losers bracket to Happy Endings of St. Louis 16-11 and Khaos of Springfield 20-7.

Spoon Me/Benton Square was also 0-3, losing to Express of Seymour 8-6 in the first round and then in the losers bracket falling to Ramrod of St. Louis 26-11 and Smack That of Mountain Grove 12-11.

Rolla will also host the ASA Coed Class C, Class D and Open National Tournaments, to be held Aug. 24-26 at Ber Juan Park. Those will be the only national coed events sponsored by ASA this year.

John's Firestone received a bid for the Class D Coed National Tourney with its fifth-place finish in the state meet. Rolla's lone team in the Class C Coed State Tournament field – Extreme Accessories – also received a bid for the Class C Coed National Tournament.

Extreme Accessories finished second in the Class C State Tourney on Saturday at Ber Juan Park.