Last week, several members of the Historic Preservation Commission and I attended the annual Certified Local Government workshop. Certified Local Government is a program that assists communities in promoting and developing policies, programs and activities that promote historic preservation. This year’s event was especially exciting since those of us from Boonville got to announce that the Statewide Historic Preservation Conference would be held in our town in September. This is pretty exciting, honestly. Those of us who live here may love our historic buildings or frankly hardly even take notice of them (because they are there every day)- so I am looking forward to 200 architects, preservationists, and fellow City/County employees checking out Boonville’s goods. And for those of us who may not see the goods anymore, Boonville has quite a few!

Thanks to the hard work of the Friends, in 1979-1980, who undertook a significant historic inventory and survey, we have 7 National Register Historical Districts and numerous individual properties now listed. I think what is so great about the National Register is that it is an opportunity to celebrate the “small, ordinary and regular” properties- not just those that are grandiose and big. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the big landmarks in Boonville, like Thespian Hall, but also love the smaller properties around town that represent the regular every day folks who were probably a lot like my family.

Next time you are out an about in Boonville, stop and check out some of Boonville’s little ordinary structures; you might just discover something new! This past weekend while Ryan and I were attempting to wear Aesa out during a walk, we happened to notice a beautifully, intricately carved door on what otherwise could be described as an “ordinary” house. It was gorgeous and a real gem. That is why I like our Historic Districts and old neighborhoods, the ordinary isn’t really ordinary. There are insights into the everyday life of individuals who called Boonville home, 30, 40, 50, or 100 years back. The fact that we have these every day, ordinary properties still around actually make Boonville pretty extraordinary.

Hopefully, spring weather will finally arrive and you can check out our historic neighborhoods and discover some of what makes Boonville unique. This is just one more way of loving your town. Play Local, Shop Local and Go Boonville!