Had we known then what we know now, we would be ruminating about ex-President Barack Obama and his lurch to Socialism and commending the return to sanity under our new Commander-in-Chief, Mitt Romney. Dear Leader was reelected despite his and Secretary of State Hillary’s shocking MIA-AWOL behavior during the massacres of our Libyan Benghazi Embassy and its American personnel. Ambassador Stevens was sodomized and dragged through the streets as he was being murdered. Three other Americans fought back, but after eight hours and our government in a leadership coma, these brave citizens of the most powerful country in the world were slaughtered as well. Not only has Obama never told what happened that night, he sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice to lie and cover up about his malfeasance.

Recent testimony of retiring DOD Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff head General Martin Dempsey revealed that after a planned WH meeting @ 5:00 PM 9/11/12 where President Obama was briefed on the beginning of the Benghazi Embassy attacks, there was no other communication from the White House or State Department. Panetta and General Martin were left without any direction as to how to handle the situation. The cowardice of Obama and Clinton are only surpassed by their greedy election ambitions at the cost of any and everything else. One can only speculate that they concluded if they made no decisions they couldn’t be tied with any potential mistakes that could hang them politically.

No American can be safe with these people in charge. No ally can have confidence in the Obama’s Administration’s guarantees of help. All enemies, from Iran to N. Korea are emboldened. Even tepid friends observing the behaviors of Obama have learned the barn door is wide open and the cows are ready to be milked and/or slaughtered. The wolves of Russia, China and thousands of blood thirsting Jihadist Terrorists and the millions who sympathize with them, (many in the Democratic Party) are licking their chops at the opportunity our leadership vacuum has placed before them.

What happened to that commercial put out by Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primaries where it posed her as the person who was most likely to answer that 3:00 AM call? We all thought because of Bill’s dalliances she would be the one for that, but she was asleep at the wheel, just like our Commander-in-Chief.

They even tried blaming Bush and the Republicans for not funding enough for embassy security. That notion was debased when Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb was asked before a Congressional Committee, “Was the refusal to provide more security (for the Benghazi Embassy) caused by budget cuts to embassy security?” Her answer? “No, sir.”

If you’re waiting for the MSM to enter the fray, don’t hold your breath. In fact, to avoid indigestion and nausea, take them for what they are: Obama Toadies! Then move on.

Hope is that under Swift Boat Fraud, Captain John F. Kerry, who has replaced Hillary as Secretary of State, things will get better.

Maybe so-

It was learned that Secretary of State John F. Kerry emerged from his limo from his dangerous foray into the wilds of Arlington Virginia to attend a meeting at the Diplomatic Security Headquarters with more security than Ambassador Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith had on their last night alive on earth in Benghazi.

Praise the L0RD-Secretary Kerry made it back from that 20 minute drive to the burbs of DC without even a broken finger nail.

I may joke, but this cannot be tolerated. As Obama calls for justice so should we. Mark Levin was right. Every Obama overreach must be challenged and all scandals like the above must be revealed. As we no longer have a working press, we citizens must become it.

The American people and the world deserve no less.