Drug watch: In a four hour period Thursday night, The Street Crimes Unit conducted several investigations. It started in the 100 block of South Oak Street when information was developed regarding the location of a fugitive from Wayne County.

Drug watch: In a four hour period Thursday night, The Street Crimes Unit conducted several investigations. It started in the 100 block of South Oak Street when information was developed regarding the location of a fugitive from Wayne County.

Officers arrived at the house and located the subject who attempted to flee. The felon was quickly taken into custody and had in his possession several items of narcotic paraphernalia. Also located in the room were numerous packages of synthetic narcotics and marijuana.

The next stop took place on Kingshighway after a traffic infraction. Located in the vehicle was a variety of synthetic narcotics.

After that case was completed, officers conducted a traffic stop when a vehicle was observed speeding near Walmart. During the stop, officers detected the strong odor of marijuana. During the search of the vehicle, officers located felony amounts of narcotics, digital scales, and individual baggies of drugs packaged for resale.

The final stop took place on Highway V whereas the vehicle’s driver failed to use a turn signal. While speaking with the driver, the arresting officer could see a bag of marijuana hanging from his jacket pocket. When asked about the marijuana, the driver attempted to push the bag deeper into his pocket and stated it was just his cell phone.

The following is an anonymous letter that was sent to me, the mayor and city council; so I thought I would share it with you. A few things, first when people send in anonymous complaints, letter etc. it’s hard to answer them, our department handles one call every six minutes, seven days a week 24/7, 365 days a year and our response time is somewhere around two to three minutes on serious calls and five or more on other type calls. Also, this letter was posted just the way it was written with typos and all. Here is the letter:  

I must admit that I’m surprised of anyone being opposed to a background check of individuals purchasing weapons. Yes, I’m in agreement with our chief, that criminals will always find a way to obtain a weapon, but not necessary an assault rifle with a large capacity magazine. Our chief makes it sound that the government wants to take all of our weapons away. What mentality for a chief of police. Reference, “black market” that our chief alludes to if the fat cats running NRA (which I’m a member) weren’t more concern about money or protecting their money supplier, namely companies producing assault weapons and large capacity magazines, then this issue wouldn’t be an issue.

What’s most impressive is an question posted on face book requesting feedback on the following inquiry. Leave it the way it is – loosen control – make it stricter OR take the guns from everyone but the government. A well thought out inquiry, right. At least it makes for interesting reading.

Now the best part of the article relates to a potential 30 minutes response time for an emergency call on someone trying to break into your home. If and I say If that’s a correct statement than we really do have a problem in out city with our police department and maybe we should increase the county sheriffs department and contract the needs of our citizens solely to the sheriffs department. At least everyone on counsel should read the article in its entirety, including future weekend articles.

I would suggest that if in fact our chief of police writes the week end articles himself that he has a low ranking officer proof read everything that appears in the article. There’s no point advertising the cities mentality.

Lastly, I certainly hope we never have an incident in our schools, myself like ever parent has concern about the kids safety. Oh yes, I’m sure the city will be asking once again for a tax increase, rather than taking a hard stand on national background checks for those purchasing weapons and the rigid band of high capacity magazines and assault rifles. Signed, A long time resident of Rolla and a concerned citizen.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member to the Rolla Police Department family with the introduction of Telecommunicator Jeff Stokes. Jeff just started with us in Central Communications, four days ago after serving with the Dent County Sheriff’s Department where he has been a telecommunicator since July of 2011. Jeff has also served as a rural firefighter in Dent County for the past 3 years. Jeff is from Salem, Missouri where he resides with his wife and young daughter. Jeff says “I have only been with the Rolla Police Department for 4 days now, and can already tell that I will love doing this. I look forward to helping the citizens of Phelps County in their time of need.” Even with Jeff’s prior experience, he will still undergo 14 -16 weeks of intense training to prepare him for his duties in Central Communications. Welcome aboard Jeff!

In closing, I would like to remind you that the Rolla Police Department is a long-time supporter of Special Olympics – Missouri and hold several events each year to raise monies for our local athletes. Right now out Law Enforcement Torch Run t-shirt campaign is underway and we are offering the 2013 ball caps as well. If you would like to see these shirts or caps contact Sgt. Vince Giacolone at 308-1213 or stop by the Rolla Police Department. Help us help the athletes!