This week I had the pleasure of sponsoring my first gubernatorial appointment of the session. The Senate Gubernatorial Appointments committee considers Missourians who have been named to serve on a state board or commission by the governor. Senators must sponsor their respective citizens’ appointments, where they must ultimately be confirmed by the full Senate.

This week, I sponsored Ms. Janet Crafton to the State Fair Commission, which oversees various facets of the operations of the Missouri State Fair. Ms. Crafton is from St. James and is a long-time educator with a background in agriculture. I believe she will be a tremendous asset to the board.

Each year, the governor receives requests from Missouri citizens who apply for positions on various boards and commissions. These requests may be made by the applicants or by someone suggesting a name to be considered for membership on one of the panels. Depending on the qualifications of the applicant and the positions available, the applicant’s resume and background checks are submitted to the Gubernatorial Appointment Committee for consideration.

To see a list of the more than 200 state boards and committees or to apply for a panel vacancy, visit

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Thank you for reading this and for your participation in state government.