The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team is back in action on Wednesday as they travel to LSU to play a game that nobody will be able to see.  The game does not appear to be carried locally and doesn’t even appear to be on either one of the satellite TV networks which will be the second time in a little over a week this has happened.  Welcome to the SEC Missouri, they have a very clear pecking order and you are near the bottom of it.  Wednesday’s game would be an excellent opportunity for Missouri to pick up a road win in the SEC which is something they desperately need. 

Both Truman State basketball teams have Wednesday off as they do not play again until Saturday when they travel to Bolivar to play Southwest Baptist University. 

The Kirksville High School lady Tigers picked up another impressive victory on Monday as they easily defeated Booneville in another impressive road victory.  The KHS boys let their game at home against Booneville slip away from them and came up on the short end of a game they very easily could have won.  Both teams will be in action later this week against Hannibal. 

The KHS wrestling team has their final duel of the season on Thursday as they travel to Booneville.  What is it with Booneville, is there some sort of rule that KHS must play them every single day in at least one sport.  When I was at KHS we never played Booneville in anything and I didn’t even know where it was, now we play them every day.  Anyway, the KHS wrestlers will be gearing up for districts next week.  It’s hard to believe the wrestling season is almost over already. 

Tiger Woods picked up his first victory of the season as he easily won the Farmers Insurance Open.  I appreciate Tiger getting his victory early on in the golf season so I don’t have to hear people speculating on when he will get his first victory of the year. 

Alex Rodriguez is being accused of taking performance enhancing drugs once again.  Given the fact that he missed a large part of last year with various injuries and could miss the entire season this year because of hip surgery it doesn’t look like they did much for him.  Maybe he can go to Oprah and tell his story.  Oprah could start a new show called I Am A Liar and have such guest as Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Mcgwire, Manti Te’o. 

We’ll be back on Friday with a preview of this weekens’s sports action and of course our predictions on the Super Bowl which as you know receives very little media coverage.  Please check out all the blogs on this site and thanks al always for taking the time to read this one.

Have a safe Wednesday!