Comparisons between presidents are a focus of many a political debate. Despite a leader’s popularity or lack thereof, history, tainted or not, has the final say. Recently, there have been fantasy contests taking competitors in sports from different eras. For example, Muhammad Ali VS Rocky Marciano is a recent phenomenon. Computers analyze statistics and likelihoods, while sensitive to the changing mores of the sport and how the legends compared to the athletes of their perspective games.

Let’s take a trip down fantasy Presidential lanes and determine who would whoop whom: The Master of Disaster or the Slavery Slayer—Obama VS Lincoln.


Abe presided over the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, all leading to the 13th Amendment. He was behind the effort to effectively kill slavery in this country—forever. Arguably President Obama is one of the benefactors of Lincoln’s efforts. On the negative side, Lincoln was a willing participant in a Civil War so vicious that it accounted for 600,000 to 750,000 slaughtered Rebels and Union soldiers plus many civilians. Never was a president hated by more yet loved by so many.

On the other hand, Obama is the quintessential politician. As inept as he is in almost all aspects of governance, he’s a master of the campaign—surrounding himself with some of the best radical agitators of the time. He has out-Clintoned Bubba, and has out-lied and out-spent all of our presidents combined.

So who wins? Let’s make some observations:

· Obama calls for social justice while supporting class, race and gender warfare.

· Lincoln pandered to white racists while he led the Civil War to achieve a country united without the stench of slavery.

· Obama seeks the lowest common denominator voter by demonizing and lying about his opponents.

· Lincoln issued stoppages in Habeas Corpus and announced the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves by executive decree. As the war wore down, Abe realized the latter would likely be squelched in the courts as a temporary war dictate. So, Lincoln turned to Congress and convinced 20 reticent Dems to change their votes and enact the 13th Amendment.

· Obama talks about being lawful, yet writes Executive Odors meant to enact laws opposite of what Congress has already passed and other presidents have signed. Or he writes screed that shreds a little bit of the Constitution. Examples are welfare work requirements and Second Amendment rights.

· Obama seems to have a normal family life yet he’s supported 50 million plus abortions in this country, including the murder of those babies who survive abortions.

· Lincoln suffered from depression but it didn’t propel him to take over as king when the Union squelched the Confederates.

· While both were lawyers, Obama was long on words, but short on substance.

· Lincoln gave short speeches that were deep in substance.

· Lincoln was rumored to be gay because way back in the day men shared beds on the road.

· Obama has made gay rights a plank in his second administration.

· Lincoln’s picture is embedded on the five dollar bill.

· Obama is slated to have his face etched into the trillion dollar coin.

· Lincoln freed the slaves.

· Obama has indicted, tried and convicted the children of slaves to a new kind of servitude; the jail cells of permanent welfare in exchange for their vote, one day a year.

Both were astute politicians and adroit speakers. They knew how to nurture their bases, unlike the current pallbearers hauling the Republican establishment downhill to its grave.

However, the thing that stands out is Obama’s inability to fathom that families rot on the welfare teat. Lincoln, well aware of the destruction to a race he considered inferior, rose up in their defense because slavery also degraded America and its founding principles.

Lincoln, like Washington could have easily become King, but he returned America to a united Republic by doing the right thing through the legislative process. He gave a whole set of set-upon people a shot at the American dream.

How ironic that the first black president would so easily flush these dreams down the toilet.

In my opinion, “free” and “entitled” stuff always sells better in politics.

Lincoln and liberty lose this race—or am I wrong?

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.: “It is the arc of the progress Lincoln made wrestling with the demons of anti-black racial attitudes, in addition to his commitment to abolishing slavery and preserving the union, which makes Abraham Lincoln our greatest president.”