endings, beginnings, reflect

At the end of a year it seems customary to review the year and at times to review everything before. This year I looked all the way back. Some things I loved going back over: birth of my children, achieving my lifetime dream of going to college, birth of my grandchildren, meeting my husband, the dating period of our relationship, our wedding day along with the many small moments in our relationship that  seared beautiful memories upon my heart.

I also had to review the bad times and yes, there were many. I have made a HUGE number of mistakes in my life but who hasn't? It took me a long time to come to this realization. While some are small mistakes, some are large and people were hurt. The only regrets I have are those moments. If only my mistakes could have affected only me. But I have to overcome this and know that certain things had to happen in a certain way to become who I am today. While I am still a work in progress (Thank GOD!), I am pretty happy with who I am. It has been a long road to learn to stand up and be strong.

I also get to look toward the future now. I want to continue improving myself. Learning to curb this temper a bit more...okay, maybe a lot more. Learning to not take things so personal. And letting go of the emotional effects of having a chronic disease. Learn to be more open and not so worried about being hurt.

I hope everyone has taken a moment to reflect and grow. Sometimes we have to take moments to determine just how blessed we are. To not focus on just the bad things, but the joys and wonders of the small things, the every day things. Those are the moments that will be seared upon your heart and will get you through the hard times.

I wish you all a very blessed new year for 2013. I wish you good health, strength to overcome obstacles, whatever they may be, and great prosperity.

God Bless!