His list is made, he’s checked it twice. The sleigh is loaded and ready to go. Santa was nice enough to take a few minutes to answer a few questions from the Rolla Daily News staff before making his annual trip around the world.

Q: No one wants a lump of coal for Christmas. What advice do you have for kids on how to stay on the nice list?  

Santa: The first thing I like to tell them is to be good all year, listen to their moms and dads, and try their best in school. If they can manage to do those two things, they’ll probably end up on the nice list.

Q: What do you do on Christmas Day and the day after Christmas?

Santa: Christmas Day I like to sleep in late and get back some of the energy I lost while delivering all those presents to the good little boys and girls out there. Then I get up, open presents and enjoy a large Christmas feast with my wife and the elves. Mrs. Claus is a wonderful cook. Then we go caroling. Sometimes we even take the sleigh out to look at some of the best Christmas displays from around the world.

Q: What kinds of toys are kids asking for this Christmas?

Santa: The top toys would be a lot of gaming systems, a lot of Gameboys, PlayStations, a lot of dolls, trucks, and believe it or not, airplanes.  

Q: Mrs. Claus, what are some of your duties? What do you help Santa Claus with?

Mrs. Claus: I help keep track of all of Santa Claus' lists that kids give me and I make sure he gets them so that we make sure that they get what they want.   

Q: Many children put out milk and cookies for Christmas, what is your favorite kind of cookie?  

Santa: Chocolate Chip! I've got to go with Chocolate chip, but Mrs. Claus has me on a diet this year. I really appreciate the milk too!

Q:How do you really do it? How do you make it to all those houses in just one night? 

Santa: It's all magic and it's top secret.

Q:Anything else you want to add?  

Santa: Be good and leave me a lot of milk and um, I mean... carrot sticks!