Conservatives must be resolute to prevent compete socialist takeover

Never has a President succeeded at so little, yet won by so much.

The recent election has not had a calming effect on President Obama during the more-off-than-on fiscal cliff negotiations. Barack, Our Savior, according to Jamie Foxx, is still class and race baiting along with the rest of his Dem toadies and MSM. What should be a president in celebration, consolidating his opposition in a bipartisan attempt to tackle our dangerous overspending problem has turned into yet another standoff. Instead of Dear Leader managing the negotiations from his perch in the People’s House, Obama is off on the campaign trail agitating away like he was still trying to destroy Mitt Romney’s character.

One can only fondly remember the days when LBJ would house opponents, negotiating with drinks and cigars in hand, wearing White House robes or the famous matching of the dueling Irishmen, O’Neal and Reagan, the abundantly rich results of Newt and Bubba. One can even go back 147 years ago, when Honest Abe took a defeated and demoralized South to his bosom and ordered a kind and forgiving rejuvenation.

Recently, fellow JWR pundit and syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer predicted that Obama would settle the dispute before the plunge because he cared about his second term’s legacy. Personally, based on the President’s inclination to run the country into the ground in his first term, I find this unlikely. Dear Leader’s agenda seems in conflict with Krauthammer’s practiced DC Beltway experience. The President’s idea of a legacy seems to be Socialist Dictatorships. He’s well on his way to winning the Fidel Castro/Hugo Chavez governance award, and nothing but an opposing House is checking him.

The President has made it obvious he sheds no tears over the plight of the poor and the increasingly cash-deprived middle class. He just wants to punish any achievement he can find unless it’s adding huge numbers to welfare, disability, work dropout rolls and/or food stamp recipients.

His mantra of raising taxes on the top 2% is meaningless in putting a dent into the enormous spending he’s bludgeoned us with and he knows it. Further, it puts the onus on small business, those who are responsible for hiring. As Obama was famously quoted as saying, “One should never raise taxes during a recession.”

Looming over us is his promise to have more wasteful stimuli just as some of the ominous Obamacare taxes and part time V full time employment dilemmas slam us like another Sandy.

Yet, even as some RINOS crumble and give into this would-be dictator, there is not a quid pro quo. Obama has refused to deal with the real problem: cutting spending to match revenues.

It would be easy for Republicans to fall for the bait and tax the so-called zillionaires making $250,000 and above but that would leave even more conservatives to ponder their alternatives, keep their passports updated, and their votes sat upon—again.

You’ll never get over the hurdle if you refuse to jump

Republicans represent a small government, low tax philosophy that’s stood for individual prosperity and the American dream. When they reverse their pledge not to raise taxes, it’ll stick a stake through their hearts as sure as the now emboldened bloodsuckers on the left will swoop down amongst the middle class and below to give their insatiable money lust more quick fixes. Then on to the confiscation of 401Ks and privately held wealth.

Besides, we should remember the lesson of George H. W. Bush who famously said, “Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!” Then with a little pressure he caved. After achieving an astronomical 91% approval rating during his term, Bush1 lost to William J. Clinton in 1992, squandering an entire decade to the Democrats.

If Republicans need an argument why taxes shouldn’t be raised on anyone all they need do is quote a famous politician from July, 2011: “…give us $1.2 trillion in tax revenues which could be accomplished without hiking taxes but could simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a tax reform process that could have lowered rates generally, while broadening the base.”

In case you’re from Branson that would be Barack Hussein Obama.

If the RINO Wobblies in the House decide to give in to the class warfare on the left, then we’re in for a long political winter.

Without conservatives Republicans have no chance — and America no choice — as it slides toward tyranny.