Voters in Phelps County on Tuesday chose who would hold the positions of county seats where Republican candidates were solely on the ballot.

The primary election was a night fueled by adrenaline with the anticipation of who was going to take office for the upcoming term.

One of those positions was Phelps County Collector of Revenue where the notable role will now be held by Faith Barnes, who won 56.81 percent of the votes.  She takes us through how it feels to be elected.

So how does it feel to win office for Phelps County's Collector of Revenue?

I’m exhausted; I’m excited. I’ve been on my knees giving thanks to God all night and all morning. I'm humbled by the turnout and votes and just grateful. I'm so excited about the future of the collector's office. Davis Haas has done a great job in his 20 plus years, moving the office from a paper environment to a computer environment, and I'm excited to be apart of the next phase. 

How did you feel last night leading up to the results?

I was very nervous! My opponent had a lot of great supporters, and I knew it would be close — one way or the other. I didn't really want to be around people I was so nervous, but I had my campaign team around me, and we just didn't know how it would go. 

What is your vision or goals moving forward?

I won't officially get sworn in until March 1, 2019, so I have a lot of time. I'm going to sit down with the current collector, and we can talk about a smooth transition. My goal is to have a lot of public input. I'm working for the people of Phelps County, and they should have a voice too. My initial goal is to enhance the website. That will take speaking with Davis about what has worked in the past and see what has been proposed and go from there. I'm not about re-inventing the wheel. 

What was the most memorable part of your campaign?

The most memorable part was going door to door and meeting people. The outpouring of encouragement was amazing, and that is what kept me going besides my biggest cheerleaders — my husband and son. I was definitely out of my comfort zone promoting my platform, but at least once a day I would get a nugget of encouragement, and that is how I was able to knock on so many doors day in and day out.


 "I can breathe again, it's been a long journey," noted Barnes. "I declared my candidacy a year ago, and I started going door to door in April. It's been hard work, but it was worth it — either way it was worth it."