“We are out there for us to hear them,” expressed Phelps County Presiding Commissioner Randy Verkamp.

“We are out there for us to hear them,” expressed Phelps County Presiding Commissioner Randy Verkamp when discussing the purpose of the Phelps County Commission outreach meetings this year; subsequently, letting people know of the services provided by the county that meet the needs of this year’s incentive – serving the underserved.

The Phelps County commissioners are enthused about the upcoming gatherings.

District 1 Commissioner Larry Stratman said, “I love the outreach events, like Randy always says, we give people the opportunity who can’t show up here on Tuesdays or Thursdays to come and visit with us.”

The matter of working residents who aren’t able to make it to the Phelps County Courthouse for the usual Tuesday and Thursday morning meetings is what the county commissioners keep in mind in correspondence to the annual outreach meetings – thinking of the convenience for residents.

Congruent with holding the communities, cities and townships that make up Phelps County in high regards, District 2 Commissioner Gary Hicks said, “We get to see what is going on in every one of those cities; the mayor tells us the challenges they are facing or the successes they have,” noting that the Phelps County commissioners tend to be up to date with current happenings in Rolla, yet don’t always know what Doolittle and Edgar springs are facing and some of the challenges that might be happening outside the county seat.

Equally, serving the underserved is a priority to the county commissioners, who hold their community and the organizations within the community in high regard.

“Our Health Department, the Public Administrator, and the Senior Companions Program and others provide services of many types to those of our county that have a need,” said Verkamp.

Hicks brought up the significance of the many organizations in Phelps County whose sole mission is to aid individuals, and administer programs for “folks who may not receive that care in other ways.”

“CASA for instance, we went to the breakfast this morning, and there is one example of, it’s not us doing that, but we support that effort because there are just a lot of underserved folks,” conveyed Hicks, who along with the other commissioners want people to receive the care they deserve.

The 2018 Phelps County Commission Outreach Meetings are open to everyone and will begin at 5:30 p.m. on the specified dates and locations:
— Tuesday, April 10 — at the Doolittle Community Hall.
— Thursday, April 19 — at the Rolla City Hall.
— Thursday, April 26 — at the St. James City Hall.
— Tuesday, May 1— at the Newburg Houston House.
— Tuesday, May 8— at the Edgar Springs City Hall.