A Waynesville woman is facing a Domestic Assault charge, a class A felony in the first degree, as well as Armed Criminal Action, stemming from an incident in which she allegedly scalped her boyfriend with a knife.

Mechille L. Morgan, 44, of Waynesville, was taken into custody following a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, who's name has not been released. According to the probable cause statement, Pulaski County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) was dispatched to a residence in the Waynesville area. A press release Thursday morning said the residence was located in the 25000 block of Swindell Dr.

"Upon arrival at the scene deputies found a 44 year old male subject with severe knife wounds to the head area and a 44 year old female subject with a knife wound to her hand," the press release stated.

The detective noted in the probable cause statement that the alleged victim was found "suffering from cuts to the head" and that his scalp was located "on the floor of the residence, along with 2 large kitchen knives with blood on them."

It was also written in the probable cause statement that the investigating detective believed Morgan should be charged with Domestic Assault because she allegedly "cut him in his head with a large kitchen knife causing part of his scalp to be cut off of his head."

PCSD reported Thursday that the male was taken to a Springfield hospital and a PCSD detective was dispatched to the hospital with the hope of being able to interview him. However, it is noted in the press release that an interview would only be possible if the victim's medical condition would allow for the interview. The probable cause statement, filed Thursday afternoon, does not contain any notes from an interview with the alleged victim.

According to the probable cause statement, Morgan waived her Miranda rights and told deputies that the motive for the alleged attack was because the victim "hurts people, and doesn't want him to hurt anyone else."

"When asked what people he hurt, she stated "'little people,'" but didn't elabortate," the detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

The press release sent out on Thursday by PCSD said that Morgan was found with a knife wound to her hand, but the probable cause statement described her injuries as "a laceration to her right arm, and a scratch to her back."

"She also stated to deputies '"I swung first, and he threw me to the ground, and I cut him because I thought he was going to cut me,'" the detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

The press release from PCSD about the incident said that Morgan was transported to the Lebanon hospital Thursday to be treated for her injuries.

Morgan is being held on a $500,000 cash or surety bond with the Pulaski County Jail and Judge Colin Long issued the warrant Thursday afternoon. She has been scheduled for an advice of counsel hearing on February 6.