It was inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs fun at Ridgeview Christian Church on Sunday evening during their annual fall festival.  Kids and parents, many of them in Halloween costumes,  enjoyed more than a dozen carnival-type games and activities around the church grounds.
“It takes a lot of people to put this on,” said organizer Bonnie Plasse. “The whole church is involved from the youth group to our church elders.”

Outside the church, nine-year-old, Catence Hamilton was all about accuracy as she took home a prize at the hula-hoop toss. Meanwhile, Victoria Gilmore ducked and strained to get her mouth around a doughnut on a string. No hands allowed.
Nearby, church member Mitch Wainwright, sat on the edge of a wooden skiff and told the tale of Jonah and the whale. After the story, he invited trick-or-treaters to enter the belly of the whale, a rectangular tent with jellyfish and paper dots representing bubbles hanging from the ceiling.
Don Stevens has been worshiping at Ridgeview for 67 years. He is one of the original founders when the church started in the early  1950s.  
“When we first started here, this  was all farm land,” said Stevens in regards to the area around Ridgeview Drive which is near the Rolla Walmart.  “I've seen a lot of changes over the decades,  but the it's a family spirit that  keeps us alive and growing.”
Ridgeview Christian has a more than 200 registered members. Stevens noted that the church has seen a rise in young families and college students joining the church in recent years.
“We like to see young people,” the 81-year-old added. “They are the church of tomorrow.”
Stevens noted that the church's fall festival has taken on different formats over the years, but there has been one constant through it all – the chili cook off.
This year a record 19 chefs entered the fray. Chili recipes varied. Some cookers went with a heavy tomato base, others relied on ground beef or even chicken. Some were spicy; most were not.
Those in attendance had a chance to got to enjoy as many as chili flavors as they wanted during the night and decide which chili they thought was the best. However official judging took place earlier in the day.
Bill Duley was declared one of  three winners. However, the church elder said that there wasn't much to his recipe -no family secrets.
“I used two types of beans and some chili powder from Aldi's (grocery store),” he humbly noted. “I just made it up yesterday.”
The fall festival wrapped up with the church's leaders and pastors  “getting slimed.” Among them was Pastor Adam Bloch who had a mixture of green slime and spaghetti dumped on his head by one of the children in the crowd. The gym erupted in laughter.
“All in good fun,” he said as he wished all in attendance  a safe Halloween night.