Several Rolla High School students were honored at the beginning of the most recent Rolla School Board meeting on Thursday, Oct. 26. RHS Choir members that were selected to join the Central District Honor Choir and the Central District Concert Choir we’re given certificates listing their achievements.  The students selected for the Central District Honor Choir included:  
Gabi Hartinger Deyonn Ghazaeri Addyson Wells Shannan Chan Kelly Brown Aaron Haberman Tristan Lietz Chase Stacy Jared Beard Kelton Heavin 
The students chosen to join the Central District Concert Choir were:  
Micah Wells Meghan Hartinger Olivia Homes Emma Niehouse Kaleb Jones Payton Pennington Justin McEnaney 
 Following the presentation of the choir students, the Rolla Technical Institute/Center, Junior High School and High School gave their School Improvement Plans (SIP) to the board.  
According to the presentation given by representatives from RTI/C, they will be striving to implement effective recruitment practices while delivering high quality career and technical education programs. The hope is to increase enrollment by 2%. Parts of their strategy includes reinstating Drafting and Design as a full time program, increasing participation of FFA, SkillsUSA, DECA, HOSA and TSA, and defining and implementing a high quality Career and Technical certificate for concentrators.  RTI/C will also be expanding embedded credit for secondary programs and review current dual credit agreements for students.  
Their third goal is to “apply technology, instructional practices, and faculty enhancements to improve student achievement and safety,” according to their presentation.  
The Junior High gave three goals for their 2017-2018 SIP, the first to “improve the climate and culture as evidenced in reductions in discipline data and feedback from surveys.”  This involves using what they described as “restorative practices” within the school, which focus on fostering positive climates and helping students learn from mistakes, rather than simply focusing on discipline. The school also plans on increasing parent involvement through the PTO.  
Their second goal is to increase the technology being integrated into the classroom, and receiving training, using technology specialists to provide in-district training. The goal will be to increase technology resources, and place a Chromebook, laptop or iPad cart in every Math, Science, History and English classroom.  
RJHS will also be setting specific goals for each department increase student performance and identify individual resources needed to achieve each department’s goals.  
Finally, they aim to “support school process and programs in relation to core curriculum…” according to their presentation. Administrators and counselors will monitor student attendance and respond as needed while attending professional development to improve leadership and communication skills.  
Rolla High School gave the final SIP presentation, highlighting their three goals for school improvement.  Their first goal is to “maintain a positive school climate to encourage all…students to be in attendance at least 90% of the time.” RHS will continue to support students by using student programs to keep them invested and connected to the school. The administration wishes to explore ways to educate students about attendance as well as investigate what it is that makes students come to school each day.  
Like other institutions, RHS will be striving to increase technology use for classroom instruction, and looking into options for providing more personal technology usage for individual students.  
RHS’s final goal is to improve student’s scores and performance in all areas to ensure students are college and career ready upon graduation.