A former Rolla man was given a 15 year sentence for meth trafficking charges from 2015.


Jamie Hopkins, 42, currently of Kansas City, was arrested in December of 2015 and charged with trafficking methamphetamine in the first degree. On December 5, 2015, the arresting officer conducted what the probable cause statement described as a “controlled buy” of methamphetamine from Hopkins within Phelps County. Another controlled buy was conducted on Hopkins on December 10, according to the statement.


The arresting officer conducted surveillance on the location of the second buy, and Hopkins was part of a traffic stop conducted by a second law enforcement officer. The exterior of Hopkins’ vehicle was then subjected to a K9 unit search, after which the South Central Drug Task Force was notified the K9 unit had found the presence of drugs.


The interior of Hopkin’s vehicle was then searched, according to the probable cause statement. A Kool Aid container was located between the front two seats. According to the statement, Hopkins told officers he had “received the container from a friend.”


Upon opening the container, officers located approximately 6.2 ounces of methamphetamine. The arresting officer used a field tester on the substance, and it field tested positive.


Hopkins’ 15 year sentence is to be issued without parole, according to a release issued by the Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney. The sentence came on Monday, October 16, 2017.


Senior Assistant Prosecutor Brad Neckermann said the “PCSD (Phelps County Sheriff’s Department) and the Task Force did a great job in this case. They were able to prevent this dangerous criminal from bringing almost half a pound of methamphetamine into our community.”