It’s been a busy summer with two major projects in our parks system and new additions in the pools and at the Centre.

It’s been a busy summer with two major projects in our parks system and new additions in the pools and at the Centre.
Thanks to the generosity of our citizens and the support of the Rolla City Council, Prop P funds and a donation from Rolla Public Schools have enabled us to resurface the tennis courts at Ber Juan. McConnell & Associates spent the better part of two weeks working with parks staff in identifying problem areas underneath our existing surface. An additional visit for several days finished up the underlying work, with the “carpet” being pulled back and cracks in the asphalt filled and smoothed.
Four of the six courts needed very little work while two needed special attention.
Old, loose paint was removed and seams were redone and reinforced. The finishing touches required reattaching and repainting, along with multiple coats of acrylic resurfacer and the posts were repainted. The last step in the process was reapplying the regulation United States Tennis Association lines.
The Premier Court surface was installed in 2003 and was repainted in 2009. It was due to be resurfaced in 2013-2014 but was delayed due to budget constraints. Wind damage in 2016 was also a factor in driving the need for the project.
The school system contributed $15,000 to the project of its $52,350 price, with $5,000 of that earmarked for materials to construct a pair of shade structure and storage areas that the Rolla High School trades students will build.
The second major Prop P project, the playground at Larry May Park, is now open.
That cost was awarded at $87,932.33, with the Rolla Junior Club funding $25,500 of that amount.
Play & Park Structures installed the Spiral Summit playground and the ADA safety surface of rubber tiles and the supporting concrete pad.
City crews added a sidewalk and other prep and finishing efforts. A new decorative stone sign is in the works for the park area. Signage denoting the donation of the Junior Club and the use of Prop P funds, as well as the area’s historic ties to the Rolla Noon Kiwanis Club, have been erected.
Splash Zone and the Kiwanis Natatorium are sharing the new Glide Fit program, which features inflatable, anchored surf boards that allow participants to focus on strength, stability and balance exercises. Personal trainer Matt Whittingham and group fitness and swim lesson instructor Kia Soden are leading the class. For information on classes, contact the Centre at 341-2386 or visit our Facebook page.
Battleground, our extreme fitness program, returned, and will run from Sept. 11 through the week of Oct. 16, with sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.. Our personal trainers collaborate on an intense, uplifting and challenging regimen.
And also at the Centre, we’ve added some new strength benches, new powerlifting bars, and a Glute-Ham Developer, designed to target these large muscle groups.
Thank you to the citizens for your continued support of our parks and recreation system. As always, feel free to contact us at 341-2386.