1) The Rolla School Board began their open meeting on August 10 with a hearing on this year’s tax rate, while also looking at the district’s assessed value change from 2016 to 2017. The tax rate for this year was determined to be $3.5633. This number comes as a combination of the operating and debt service levies. During the meeting, it was presented that the base assessed value of the Rolla Public School District district decreased by a total of $1,077,400 from 2016 to 2017. According the presentation made at the meeting, this represents a decrease of .2686%. Part of this number comes from new real estate construction and improvements with a total of $4,298,690. The presentation also stated the assessed value of the district’s personal property value increased by $2,469,959.

2) Rolla Superintendent, Dr. Aaron Zalis presented the Missouri School Board’s Association 2017 Governance Team Award. The Rolla School Board was one of only 24 boards in the state to receive it this year. According to the Missouri School Board Association, the award allows MSBA “to recognize school boards and their superintendent for their commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing professional development.” Dr. Zallis said this was the third year in a row the Rolla Public School Board received the Governance Team Award. He added the award was indicative of the board’s balanced government, and the amount of professional development they commit to throughout the year to perform their jobs exceptionally.
“We’re very proud of them for that,” said Dr. Zallis.

3) The Rolla Public School District is getting ready to celebrate the highly anticipated eclipse event next Monday. Since the district will have a few days of school in session right before the eclipse, Assistant Superintendent Craig Hounsom said they are using the opportunity to educate the students about the event and how to view the eclipse safely. Mr. Hounsom said eclipse glasses will be provided for all students and staff, and live streaming will be available for indoor viewing for students and staff as well, provided by NASA through a setup in Jefferson City. The district also prepared a resource page for parents and students with safety and instructional videos as well as maps highlighting the path of totality for the eclipse.