Ozark Actors Theatre (OAT), is ending their summer professional season on a high note, with some harmony thrown in. Their last show being brought in this season, “I Do, I Do”, takes audience members back to 1895 introduces them to newlyweds Agnes and Michael. The show takes the audience through 50 years of marriage, highlighting the characters joys and pitfalls as they age and grow together.

OAT continues this season’s tradition of using classic shows to highlight timeless themes. Younger audience members might be alarmed at the sheer volume of Agnes’ wedding gown, and the sight of Michael’s nightcap, but the familiar wedding night jitters and tender awkwardness of two people in love is familiar to any age group. As Michael and Agnes explore what it means to be together, the scenes of the show reflect what any couple would see now, decades later. Despite being an older musical, the actors bring it all to the present with their very real chemistry and affection.

Michael and Agnes are played by Dan Fenaughty and Larissa Klinger, who also happen to be married in real life. In a previous interview with The Rolla Daily News, the couple said that every emotion seen on stage is real, because it comes from their own experiences. The show is not so much them acting as it is them sharing their relationship with the audience.

That being said, Dan and Larissa show what can happen when two professional actors can get together and combine great skill and great chemistry. The smiles, laughter and tears are all real, but the actor’s don’t get in the way of their own characters and the story and themes of the play are still freshly delivered to the audience. Dan Larissa use their relationship to vividly paint their characters rather than take them over.

Being a two person show, Dan and Larissa occupy the audience’s attention the entire time, and manage to keep their characters fresh as we see them grow over the years.The four poster bed framed by the window is the setting for every scene, and the only change comes from the actors and how they view not only themselves but each other. Despite having to stay in the same character for 50 years worth of plot, the pair manages to find the right aspects of Michael and Agnes to bring out at the right time.

Furthermore Dan and Larissa simply have fun onstage. During each musical number, audience members can tell exactly how much the pair is enjoying dancing and singing with each other while slinging a few surprises at the audience. While the early part of the show might lead audience members to believe the whole experience will be nothing but songs proclaiming the joys of marriage, we are quickly proven wrong as Dan and Larissa expertly explore the harsher elements of marriage through song.

In between breaths, audience members have the opportunity to once again admire OAT’s set designs and appreciate how they’ve managed to turn a wooden stage into a bedroom that conveys intimacy while simultaneously inviting the audience inwards.

With the actor’s passion for their craft and each other making a strong presence onstage alongside OAT, “I Do, I Do” marks a great end to this year’s summer season with Ozark Actors Theatre.

Potential audience members can still grab tickets for the next run of shows, this coming Thursday through Sunday, August 10-13, with two shows on Friday. Tickets can be purchased online through OAT’s website, ozarkactorstheatre.com.