Monday, July 24 marked the end of the Church softball league this summer. Apostolic of Jerome added one more win to their undefeated record on Monday night to finish the summer season in first place with a 12-0 record.

Apostolic of Jerome wrapped up their Championship season with a matchup against Rolla Apostolic at the end of the night. Both teams scored a trio of runs in the first inning, but Rolla's offense petered out after that. Jerome, meanwhile, added five more runs in the final two innings to cap off their season with an 8-4 victory.

While Apostolic of Jerome ended the night with a victory, that field of games started with a matchup between Methodist and Greentree #1. Methodist got out to a hot start and never looked back. They scored five in the first and seven in the second on their way to a 13-7 win.

Greentree's second team had a bit more luck in their game against Church of Christ. They started things off with seven runs on the first and added an eighth run in the second on their way to an easy 8-1 victory.

The games at Morgan field saw a trio of blowouts, two of which were from the teams tied for second place in the final league standings. First Pentecostal and Ridgeview Christian both ended their seasons with 10-2 records and both teams won their final game by at least 16 runs. First Pentecostal cruised to a 23-7 win over First Baptist, while Ridgeview Christian smoked Newburg/Spring Creek Christian 18-1. The third game on Morgan field was no closer, as Christian Fellowship, who finished in a tie with Methodist for fourth place with a record of 9-3, thumped Salem Avenue Baptist 17-1.

Final Standings:

Apostolic of Jerome - 12‐0 (Won Division)

Ridgeview Christian - 10‐2

First Pentecostal #1 - 10‐2

Christian Fellowship - 9‐3

Methodist - 9‐3

Greentree Christian #1 - 8‐5

Rolla Apostolic - 6‐6

Christian of Newburg/Spring Creek - 5‐7

Greentree Christian #2 - 4‐8

First Baptist Church - 3‐9

Salem Avenue Baptist - 2‐10

Church of Christ - 1‐11

First Pentecostal #2 - 0‐12