A Rolla man was arrested after allegedly trafficking over 1000 doses of LSD and other hallucinogens.

According to Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney Brendan Fox, law enforcement received an anonymous tip in early July, directing them to the residence of William Dakota Dilly, age 29 of Rolla. Fox explained officers watched the house for several days before requesting a narcotics search warrant on Monday, July 17.

Officers went to the residence to serve the warrant and found Dilly located inside, according to the probable cause statement. Dilly was advised of his Miranda rights and the residence was searched.

The probable cause statement listed several different drugs located within the residence, including approximately 6.2 pounds of marijuana, approximately 50 grams of marijuana wax, and approximately 10 grams of a white powder later identified as a mix of fentanyl and cocaine.

Also found was an approximate single ounce of what was suspected to be psilocybin mushrooms, approximately one quarter gram of what was suspected to be ketamine, and approximately 1111 doses of Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD or Acid.

According to the report of the search, officers additionally found digital scales and multiple containers, bags, and other related paraphernalia. Dilly allegedly told the officers he was the only person living in the residence, and all of the drugs belonged to him. Dilly also confirmed the suspected ketamine and LSD as being those substances. He also stated there were several pills in the residence which were then located.

During a search of the basement, according to the probable cause statement, United States currency was discovered sitting on a work bench alongside multiple bags of marijuana and a scale. The statement says the currency was not seized but was photographed. Several sheets of blotter paper were seized that had not yet been dosed.

The officer wrote in his report that, according to his training and experience, the amount of illegal drugs, how they were packaged, and the additional paraphernalia were consistent with drug sales.

William Dilly is charged with five separate felonies, according to court documents. He is charged with a Class A felony of first degree drug trafficking, due to the amount of LSD, four Class C felonies for the delivery of controlled substance, and a single class D felony of possession of a controlled substance.

“We don’t see a lot of hallucinogens in this quantity,” said Fox. “The task force did a great job.”

Dilly’s bail amount is set at $500,000, and his first case review is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, 2017.