Greg and Madelyn Long, of rural Rolla, recently enjoyed the hunting adventure of a lifetime when they both killed a bear at Camp Quetico, in Ontario Canada.

Greg and Madelyn Long, of rural Rolla, recently enjoyed the hunting adventure of a lifetime when they both killed a bear at Camp Quetico, in Ontario Canada.
“I had previously bear hunted in New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, Greg said. “But, this is the first time I have killed a bear. The hunt was an absolute thrill and fulfilled a dream of a lifetime.”
The trip to Ontario was Madelyn’s first bear hunt. “Of course I was a little nervous about the whole ordeal of sitting on a hunting stand twelve feet off the ground with bears in the woods,” she said.
The excitement built for the Longs over the months, weeks and days leading up to the day they began the 16 hour drive to the Canadian border. “We had months to prepare, going over and over equipment lists to make sure we didn’t forget anything.The drive up wasn’t bad,” Greg said. “We talked non stop all the way up about how excited we were and how much we were going to enjoy the trip together.”
Every outdoorsman that travels internationally on hunting trips has heard the horror stories about customs and taking firearms in and out of the country. “Going through customs was a breeze,” Greg said. “The wait in line to cross the border proved to be the difficult part. We sat in line over two hours waiting to get through customs. I guess there were lots of travelers on the roads that day. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it taking that long to get through customs at the border.”
The Longs headed north towards  Atikokan, Ontario a small town on the northeast edge of the internationally renowned Quetico Provincial Park, famous for its world class back country canoeing in over 1,180,00 acres of lakes streams and virgin pine and spruce forests.
“The beauty of the region is breathtaking,” Madelyn said. “Camp Quetico sits on the edge of a beautiful lake surrounded by green forests as far as you can see. The lodge and other facilities are gorgeous, clean and extremely comfortable.”
There are 40 lakes within a short drive of Camp Quetico. Bear hunters are often transported to hunting sites by boat. All bear hunting is done over baited stands. There are always more baited sites than hunters in camp, insuring a very high success ratio among hunters.    
Madelyn would hunt first, accompanied by Greg to film her hunt for Outside Again Adventures TV. “I was shocked at how thick the woods were,” Madelyn said. “My hunting stand was only 20 yards from the bait site. Other than the space between the stand and the bait, I couldn’t see far at all.”
Sites have been baited for several days before hunters arrive, but each hunter puts out fresh bait upon arrival to their stand. “I baited Madelyn’s site for her,” Greg said.
Madelyn will tell her grandchildren the story about what happened next. “We had not been in the stand 15 minutes when a bear popped out of the underbrush into the opening between us and the bait.”
Every bear hunter dreams of seeing bears, but few expect to see a bear so quickly. And even fewer expect what happened next. “The bear turned towards us and before I knew it started climbing the tree towards our stand,” Madelyn related. “I immediately began nervously asking Greg what I should do. Greg began beating on the stand and the bear scurried back down the tree as fast as it had come up.”
“She got the shakes,” Greg said. (Who wouldn’t?) “Fortunately the bear headed for the bait.”
Greg had placed the bait under a pile of pine logs, so that the bear couldn’t grab a mouthful of bait and run off. It had to work for dinner.
Greg coached Madelyn as the bear clawed at the logs, working feverishly to get at the granola and grease bait. She needed a good broadside shot to place a bullet behind the bear’s shoulder to avoid hitting big bones.
“The bear presented numerous short lived opportunities for an excellent shot,” Greg said. “Windows of opportunity closed quickly as the bear kept moving around. I was so proud of Madelyn, though, for keeping her cool and waiting for that perfect moment to pull the trigger.”
The black bear finally gained access to a good portion of the bait and settled down to eat it. In the meantime, Madelyn settled the crosshairs of her scope a few inches behind the bear’s shoulder and slowly squeezed the trigger on her Remington 700 .270 rifle.
“The bear lurched into the timber,” Greg said. “However, we got to watch it go down. It didn’t make it 20 yards.”
“I tried to congratulate Madelyn on an excellent shot,” Greg said. “She was shaking so hard, she wasn’t understanding what I was saying.”
Trembling or not, Madelyn had accomplished what she had set out to do. She took her first bear, and on camera at that. Check out her hunt at
Greg climbed back into a stand the next evening, but didn’t take shot with his new Expedition Xplorer SS bow from 4J Archery in St. James.
The excitement began quickly the next evening, however. “Fifteen minutes after I climbed into the stand I saw a good bear approaching through the woods, “ Greg said.”It took its slow, easy time coming into the bait.”
Minutes later a sow came in, joining the boar at the bait. Greg waited patiently for the 18 yard shot with his bow.
“At the moment of truth, I realized I’d made a perfect heart shot, he said. “The Rage Hypodermic broadheads did their job. My bear toppled over within 10 yards.
Both Madelyn and Greg had their bears within three days. “We still had a week to enjoy the fabulous fishing. We caught lots of Northern pike, walleye and huge smallmouth bass.”
Camp Quetico provided superb service, excellent meals and great bear hunting and fishing for the Longs. “I can’t imagine a place any better,” Greg said. “We’ve already booked for next year.”