We continue our National Police Week profile series with Doug Roberts, Police Chief at Missouri S&T.

Name: Doug Roberts
Title: Police Chief – Missouri S&T
1.   How did you originally get involved in law enforcement?
 I have always wanted to be a police officer.  My father was a Kansas City Police Officer and I grew up wanting to be just like my dad.  I went to college at the University of Central Missouri and studied Criminal Justice and was ultimately hired by the Kansas City Police Department.  I served on the Kansas City Police for around five years.  I was then hired by the United States Secret Service and ultimately retired from the St. Louis Field Office as the Assistant Agent in Charge.  I have been at Missouri S&T for almost one year.  I have a younger brother who was also a Kansas City police officer and who is currently with the Secret Service in Dallas, Texas.  My eldest son was also a police officer on a Kansas City area police department and is currently a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Three generations of my family have served in law enforcement. 

2.   What is one of the most memorable moments of your career?
 I have a few memorable moments.  Working as a Special Agent with the Secret Service on September 11th, 2001 was very memorable to me and a very important part of our history. Having served throughout the world in various investigative and protective positions with the Secret Service was very memorable. I enjoyed instructing at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Hungary and Africa. I also enjoyed being afforded the opportunity to present my oldest son his Drug Enforcement Administration credentials when he graduated from his federal law enforcement academy in Quantico, Virginia last year. 

3.   What would you like to recognize your team for?
 I would like to recognize my team for their commitment to excellence, their willingness to help, and their dedication to service.  I am very blessed to be a member of the Missouri S&T Police Department and proud to work with the men and women on our department family. 

4.  What would you like the community to know about you and your team?
 The backing that this community offers to the Fire Departments, Ambulance and EMS Personnel, and Police is amazing. We would like for the community to know that our department appreciates that support. We proudly serve in this community and on the Missouri S&T campus. Our team is very appreciative of the partnerships that we have established throughout this area and I would like the community to know that first-responder professionals in this area are among some of the best in the country.  

5.  What do you enjoy most about your day to day job?
 I enjoy meeting and talking with people but the one thing that I revel in the most is helping people. I walk around our campus community frequently and I relish in engaging with students, staff, faculty, and visitors daily.  Assisting and aiding people is at the core of the mission of law enforcement. I enjoy taking advantage of teachable moments afforded me during various situational encounters that are presented to me and our team on a daily basis. 

6.  How do you approach law enforcement? 
 I approach law enforcement as an opportunity. An opportunity to help, an opportunity to be of assistance, an opportunity to be of service, and sometimes an opportunity to provide relief and comfort.