Men's and Church League softball was back for another week of action with a slew of runs across the board. The Church League was played on Monday, May 15, while the Men's League was played the following Tuesday. Every field of games had their share of blowouts, but sprinkled in a couple of close ballgames.

Starting off with the games on Morgan Field, On The Run kicked things off with a blowout win over CG Power. On The Run scored in all six innings of the contest, while CG Power trickled out offensively after the first few innings. On The Run was able to run away with a 26-8 win. CG Power followed up the loss with what was nearly their first win of the night. They scored seven runs on Sakelaris Ford in the first two innings, but Sakelaris matched then with seven runs in the third. Sakelaris then took the lead with three runs in the fourth before CG Power tied the game at 10 in the fifth. CG Power scored twice in the sixth, but Sakelaris dropped nine in the inning to run away with a 19-12 win. 

The closest game on Morgan Field was between Sakelaris Ford and Futures. Through the first four innings, Futures was clinging to an 11-10 lead and they padded that lead with four more runs in the fifth. Sakelaris came back with a six run fifth to walk away with a 16-15 win. The final game of the night was a blowout 17-4 win by Larson Construction over BCBB.

The second field of games started with their closest game of the night. Miller 64 got off to a hot start against For Your Convenience with seven runs in the first two innigs. They held onto a 13-3 lead headed into the bottom of the sixth, but For Your Convenience exploded for 13 runs for a come from behind 16-13 win. Miller 64 went on to go 0-2 on the night, as DMP beat them 25-7 in the second game of the night. DMP kept rolling in their second game, lighting up McDonalds for a run away 21-10 win. Pat Cordray hit four homers for DMP on the night, two in each win. McDonalds then came back in the final game of the night, smashing Not Forgotten for a 22-5 win.

The final field of the night started with a dominant performance by Hung Jury. They scored 20 runs against the Shockers in the first three innings to run away with a 23-7 win. The second game of the night was tight for the first two innings, but quickly became a blowout. Xtreme Life Rolla started off with 12 runs, while BCBB scored nine of their own. BCBB was held scoreless for the remainder of the game, as Xtreme Life Rolla ran away with a 20-9 win.

The third game was one of the highest scoring, but also one of the closest, between the Shockers and Fidelity. The Shockers took an early 4-0 lead through the first two innings and held onto that lead through the fifth inning, where they lead 16-8. Fidelity made things interesting with a 12 run sixth, but the Shockers dropped seven runs in the sixth to pull off a 23-20 victory. Fidelity couldn't escape close ballgames, but they ended up on the right side of things against Who Cares. Who Cares scored five runs in the first, but Fidelity tied the game at seven with a six run third. Who Cares managed just one run for the rest of the game, while Fidelity added three more runs to win 10-8.

The first Church League game was also one of the tightest ballgames between Methodist and Newburg/Spring Creek. Methodist scored five runs in the fifth for a come from behind 10-7 win to open things up. Methodist then strung a pair of wins together by taking down Rolla Apostolic 16-11 on the power of a nine run fifth. Rolla Apostolic came back with a run away 25-4 win over Salem Ave Baptist in the third game of the night, scored 19 runs in the first inning of the blowout. Salem Ave Baptist was able to turn things around in their final game of the night against FPC2. FPC2 got out to a 4-1 lead through the first two innings, but a six run third from Salem Ave helped them pull out a 10-8 win, capping it off with runs in the fifth and sixth innings to finish off the win.

The final field of the night started with a run away win by Christian Fellowship over FPC of Vicky. They scored 10 runs in the first inning to sprint to a 16-9 win. Jerome AFC then thumped First Baptist Rolla 21-6 thanks 16 runs in the first two innings. Ridgeview C.C. then ran away with a 17-2 win over Church of Christ. The closest game on the field was between Greentree #1 and #2. Greentree #1 scored five runs in the sixth inning to pull off a come from behind 13-9 win.