By a 10-0 vote the Rolla City Council this week cleared the way for Dickey Bub Farm and Home to display and store merchandise outside the store in Forum Plaza.

By a 10-0 vote the Rolla City Council this week cleared the way for Dickey Bub Farm and Home to display and store merchandise outside the store in Forum Plaza.
The new store in the Forum Plaza had irritated someone (that was never made clear at council meetings) when to prepare for the grand opening, merchandise was put in the parking lot along 10th Street and along the edge of the parking lot on the west side, next to an empty former convenience store.
That amount of storage was not allowed when last year the council approved a request from Super Market Developers, owners of the Forum Plaza, that the property be rezoned to C-3, highway commercial district.
“There were visual concerns,” City Administrator John Butz reminded the council Monday night, and the city, being in partnership with the Super Market Developers through the Community Improvement District taxing board, is “concerned about the economic viability” of the shopping center.
Because of those visual and economic concerns, when Super Market Developers made the request a year ago, the council members added some regulations to the C-3 zoning. Outdoor display and merchandising is allowed in that zoning, but the council limited it to one area, the parking area between the south side of the building and 10th Street.
And the council required that outdoor display, sales and storage area be fenced.
Because Super Market Developers was eager to have Dickey Bub as a tenant, corporate officials readily agreed to those regulations.
Apparently what they had there later, though, was failure to communicate, for when the much-anticipated Dickey Bub began the move into the former location of the Country Mart supermarket, the farm and home supply company stored and displayed merchandise outside the fenced area along the highway and on the perimeter of the parking lot, a typical action of other farm and home supply stores, home-improvement warehouse stores and big-box department stores.
“Dickey Bub has been very accommodating,” Butz told the council Monday night. His written agenda commentary explained further: “Initially, during the store’s start-up and opening, the materials stored outside were extensive. Once aware of the restriction, Dickey Bub reorganized the outdoor merchandise display and shifted much of (it) to the southern and western boundaries of the parking lot and back indoors.”
Dickey Bub owners told the council in previous meetings that they had been unaware of the restrictions placed on the C-3 zoning, and asked for permission to add the storage along the southern side of the parking lot next to the 10th Street. They noted that what will be outside the fence will be seasonal merchandise, much of it for the spring and summer growing season.
In addition, the displays in front of the store are allowed
“The storage, display or sale of merchandise outdoors shall be limited to the area south of the building and north of Tenth Street, and immediately adjacent to the west side of the building. In addition, storage of outdoor merchandise shall also be permitted in an area 60 feet by 15 feet immediately north of Tenth Street … but at no time shall the height of merchandise, seasonal or otherwise, exceed six feet in height.”
Parking spaces must number160.
In other business, the council accepted a bid of $189,994 from Donald Maggi Inc. for city Public Works Project No. 401 for street overlay and handicapped curb ramp improvements on Salem Avenue. This was the low bid, and it is contingent on the approval, too, of the Missouri Department of Transportation, which is administering the federal funds that will be passed through to the city for this project.
The council heard first reading of an ordinance authorizing a contract with Donald Maggi Inc. Final reading and passage will be at the first meeting next month.
The council approved the appointment by Mayor Lou Magdits of Diana L. Ahmad to the Library Board, succeeding Tom Sager whose term expires June 1. She will serve through May 2020.
The council also approved appointments of Councilmen John Meusch, Don Morris and Matthew Crowell to the Finance/Audit Committee.
The appointments of Morris, J.D. Williams and Walt Bowe to the Environmental Services Committee were also approved.