Addy Brow was recognized for her commitment to athletics at Rolla High School on Wednesday, May 17. Brow was a four year varsity athlete in four different sports. Rolla Athletic Director Cathy Shoup was not able to find another another example of a student-athlete to accomplish this feat as of the writing of this story.

Brow ran cross country in the fall, played basketball in the winter and played both soccer and track in the spring over the last four years. She's currently wrapping up her final season on the track team with Sectionals this weekend and State the following weekend. The senior was surprised with a plaque on Wednesday, as she was just told to hang out after school by assistant basketball and soccer coach Amy Luna. 

"It feels really good," said Brow of being recognized by the school. "It's been an honor to play for this school for so long and be so successful, but just being able to be able to be recognized for doing something I don't know if anyone else has been able to do is pretty neat. 

Brow managed to be a four year varsity athlete on these teams despite a slew of injuries over her four years. With every bump and bruise, the senior fought back onto the field or court every time. She said she nearly stepped away from track this season, as it's difficult to play two sports and go through the grind of schoolwork in your final semester of high school, but she came back because of her teammates. 

"I think a lot of it is just my team. I do everything I do for my team," said Brow. "This year I was considering not doing track, just because it was my senior year and I knew that I was going to have a lot of hard classes and two sports in one season was going to be difficult. But when I thought about it and my 4X8 (relay) team and my 4X4 (relay) team, I just thought I can't give up on them my senior year."

Brow has always gotten glowing recognition from all of her coaches, but now she's got a plaque as another example to what she's given to the athletic programs at Rolla high school.