Doolittle Board of Aldermen votes to charge $3,000 per tap

It will cost $3,000 to tap into the city's sewer collection system, the Doolittle Board of Aldermen voted Monday night.

The rate came as the result of a suggestion from Aldermen David Schmickle made at an earlier meeting and brought up again by him Monday night.

"We never did finish the tap fee discussion," Schmickle said.

In the discussion that ensued, the current fee was not made quite clear. Both $2,500 and $1,250 were quoted.

The board discussed much Monday night, ranging from tap fees to business licenses to the healthcare of city employees.

During the review of last month's minutes, Alderman Billy Martin asked if the decision to spend $100 per month for medical savings accounts for City Clerk Della Bishop and Maintenance Director Travis Gray would cover their families, too.

"We have a lot of research to do," Mayor Paul Smith said, holding up a sheaf of papers that he said were all about health reimbursement arrangements. The status of family payments will be decided by the council after more research is done.

No action was taken on the question regarding family coverage.

The board approved the minutes, financial report and monthly payables. Mayor Smith said the city is in solid financial shape even after spending $14,500 for a patrol car for the police department. The patrol car included equipment worth $8,000-$10,000, he added.

Discussion of the antiques mall owned by John Jordan followed. Martin asked if it is right to allow a used car lot, an appliance repair shop and a furniture store to operate on the property all under the business permit of the antiques mall.

"The only person who has come to us is the guy that operates the barbecue joint," Martin said.

No action was taken on business licenses; the city clerk will research the city ordinances to determine what the current requirements are.

The board also discussed making arrangements to accept payments from residents using debit or charge cards. Authorizing the city clerk to conduct online banking for the city was also discussed.

In other discussion, the board took note that a water heater had been installed to heat the water for the sinks in the restrooms of the Doolittle Community Center.

Also noted was the Phelps County Commission's outreach meeting in April, a traditional observance of Local Government Month.

Also noted was John Jordan's payment of a bill regarding the installation of a sewer tank.