Since the presidential election, America has witnessed a lot of human behavior in the name of civil discourse, that is actually uncivil, from violent displays of First Amendment rights to the torturing of Congress’s version of Roberts Rules of Order. Here's the roots of such behavior . . .

Since the presidential election, America has witnessed a lot of human behavior in the name of civil discourse, that is actually uncivil, from violent displays of First Amendment rights to the torturing of Congress’s version of Roberts Rules of Order. It is magnified in our lives daily by several national media outlet’s obsession with progressive liberalism. The object is to portray progressive leftists as martyrs seeking the moral high ground in the name of Samuel Gompers, FDR and Martin Luther King.
If most of us are honest, we would say it is not the America we know and love. It has changed since the dot-com boom of the early 2000’s. But what has changed?
In my lifetime, we’ve witnessed the civil rights struggle in the South, the War on Poverty, the questionable entries into Vietnam, Iraq, and Kuwait, “legal” burning of the American flag Roe versus Wade and gay pride marches.
With population growth and the extravagant practice of law as a profession, social welfare, civil rights and tort law have become America’s national past time—whether we want it or not. Throw in “income inequality” and we’ve got a pretty package called “rights,” that amorphous term that takes on a very real life of it’s own in the hands of a creative lawyer. The problem is that this shape-changer called “rights” has grown like ‘The Blob that Ate Scranton,’ the sci-fi horror film of the 60’s. The young  thought police, masquerading as social crusaders come out in force, spewing accusations that smack of ugly race baiting, with the ultimate goal to limit free speech.
To be clear, I’m not immune to social injustice. I’ve witnessed the white sheets and hoods, driving through Danielsville, Ga. on a Saturday afternoon and had many one-on-one discussions with non-whites. I’ve worked with convicts on landscaping crews and I’ve discussed poverty with the impoverished here in the Ozarks and other places. I have worked in Mexico and southern Europe where historical and current political oppression affects people’s lives daily in those countries. I had a neighbor that was wheel-chair bound and I learned about his daily challenges just to get to work every day. I’ve packed lunches for AIDS patients and volunteered at Habitat for Humanity projects. I know this ground that sometimes needs protectors. Humans are complicated and fragile and unfortunately, the playing field is not equal for everyone. We didn’t make the world, but I know who did. For those willing to wade into the uncomfortable world of poverty and power, evil is never far behind. We all need a protector.
But in a fertile (and very lucrative) socio-political environment, that’s where protections and rights get distorted. The most notable aspect of this dangerous social evolution, is that the individual is no longer protected. A small business owner that doesn’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding due to their Christian faith, comes to mind. For want of a cake, the gay community became rabid and demanded their rights. If you are a baker, you must bake a cake for all individuals regardless of race, creed or color. What about the rights of the baker’s creed? Who’s calling whom a racist? Who is harassing whom? Who is destroying a baker’s business—for want of a cake?
That’s a sea change in our culture. I could be cynical and say groups are now protected because that is where the money and political power is. Just ask the Democrat Party. That’s only partly true and I tip my hat to the Democrats for keeping social needs in the conversation. Injustice should be called out where it takes place—such as when some Georgia banks were called for loan red-lining practices against blacks. That is no wedding cake scenario. That is truly racism.  At this point in time, there should be enough laws on the books for every kind of protection imaginable, but group law and individual law are two different things with very different outcomes.
I’m not a lawyer, I’m just a social-observing spectator, but I know when something is fundamentally wrong. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as defined by the Declaration of Independence doesn’t really transform into “guaranteed” outcomes of where to do your daily constitution in public spaces or grant you a free education at the taxpayer’s expense. Nor does it allow you to destroy businesses in the name of free speech like the thugs in Oakland this week.
You don’t want to listen to Milo Yiannopoulos and his alt-right leanings? Don’t go to his event. As a gay immigrant that likes to have fun with inflammatory speech, it is debatable however who the racist is—the speaker or the Leftist protester. You can’t buy a wedding cake for a gay wedding because of the baker’s religious belief? Who really gets hurt in this argument? It’s not the gay couple.
Group law is getting so warped that Trump can’t even make a sensible directive to safe-guard the country from people coming into the country from war-torn terrorist countries. Granted, the executive order was executed in haste, but it was sorely needed. “We need to know who these people are.” The danger is very real and common sense has prevailed. It has nothing to do with “immigrants” or our history of immigration as the Democratic Party has cried about, but it does have very close ties to illegal immigration. He’s working on that too, but Trump needs a clear directive very soon that addresses the illegals and their offspring. Apparently social grandstander and ex-DOJ chief Sally Yates and her hysterical Left is blind to the destruction of Europe from Angela Merkel’s open border policy towards immigrants and they will pay for it dearly.
The political landscape in America has turned ugly.
I won’t comment on our politicians because their MO is all about gamemanship. But Trump doesn’t have to play by the rules they have grown accustomed to in Washington. But the Democrats do have a young army and it’s one Obama loves to tweak and encourage, as he did this week.
It’s a willing and uneducated generation that embraces group law at the expense of the individual; a generation that doesn’t understand that “pursuit” of happiness has nothing to do with instant gratification; and a rabid fascination with culture as opposed to learning history and its context, we will continue to see uncivil disobedience and discourse from the very people that claim to care—about their “rights,” of course.