Despite illness, board achieves quorum and conducts some business

DOOLITTLE—It was a meeting that almost wasn't.

At 5:55 p.m. Monday, Mayor Paul Smith and Alderman Billy Martin sat at the board's meeting table at the Doolittle Community Center.

Five minutes later, the mayor looked at his watch and said, "Well, it's 6 o'clock. Let's stand and say the pledge, and then I'll give some announcements."

The half dozen or so residents, the city employees, the mayor, the alderman and the press all stood and pledged allegiance to the American republic.

Then Mayor Smith announced that city Police Chief Scott Jones had found some medical insurance through the Affordable Care Act for $325 a month, some $70 cheaper than expected. It is, however, $2,500 deductible.

Smith also announced that he is compiling a list of all the city property key-holders.

The mayor commended Travis Gray, city maintenance director, for the work he has done on the bathrooms in the community center and on working to keep the salt/gravel/cinder spreader operational.

Smith also said he had contacted contractor Earl Burns regarding some work to be done on the windows of the community center.

He reported that foreclosure of a mobile home park that has thousands of dollars in unpaid sewer bills is still a possibility.

"That project is going to be messy, but were are pushing ahead on it," Mayor Smith said.

Then, finishing his report, Mayor Smith said, "Our finances are in good shape."

As he was talking, Alderwoman Sherry Pierce came in. Then a few minutes later, Alderman Brad Hilton came in.

Smith turned the floor over to Alderman Martin who reported the possibility of the city's obtaining a dump truck.

There was also some talk about sewer problems.

Then at 6:12, Alderman David Schmickle arrived, and that gave the board a quorum. The meeting turned from conversation about city business to actual city business.

Alderwoman Zelma Smith and Alderman Roy Stevenson were both ill and could not attend. Schmickle was late because he had been helping a motorist.

City Clerk Della was also ill.

The council authorized Police Chief Jones to go ahead and buy a used Missouri State Highway Patrol car.

There was lengthy discussion regarding various sewer problems in the city.

Schmickle summed up his position that if he must pay $40 per month for a sewer fee, all residents should. Apparently some are not.