The federally qualified health care center in Rolla, called Your Community Health Center (YCHC), continues to grow in staffing and services offered, thanks to Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s support.

The federally qualified health care center in Rolla, called Your Community Health Center (YCHC), continues to grow in staffing and services offered, thanks to Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s support.
“It has just been an incredible welcome to us,” Amy Beechner-McCarthy, the center’s CEO, told the PCRMC Board of Trustees Wednesday night.
A big help would be Medicaid expansion, she said.
Beechner-McCarthy distributed a fact sheet that on one side, the one headlined “Thank you PCRMC!,” listed all the ways the hospital has helped Your Community Health Center, and on the other side, the one titled “YCHC Today,” listed current staffing, staffing needs, future needs and future plans.
“Medicaid expansion is critical” is one of those future needs listed, and Beechner-McCarthy also distributed a sheet, printed on front and back, titled “Expanding Medicaid in Missouri: The Right Choice for Our State.”
She spoke passionately about how much the hospital board, administration and staff have helped the center.
Here’s a summary from the fact sheet of ways the center has benefited from the hospital’s largesse:
• Suite 480 in the Medical Office Building has been turned over to YCHC. It has six exam rooms, most of then furnished with beds, equipment and computers. The hospital’s computer specialists and phone experts handled several issues. The hospital takes care of equipment maintenance, signage, security, grounds, housekeeping, patient laundry and hazardous waste disposal. There is also emergency generator back-up.
• Suite 420 in the Medical Office Building is a furnished office. Housekeeping is also provided.
• YCHC uses four offices in buildings owned by PCRMC on Bridge School Road, primarily for financial staff. These offices have kitchen and restrooms.
• There has also been much help from the pharmacy to get prescriptions for uninsured patients, plant maintenance personnel and psychiatric services. The Breast Center gave 40 free mammograms to patients meeting income guidelines. Diabetes education is offered to YCHC patients, and the hospital provides referrals and charity care.
Currently the health center is staffed by the following:
• Dr. Bonnie Ranney is the part-time medical director, working eight to 12 horus per week.
• Elaine Briggs and Sandy Marshall, family nurse practitioners, work full time.
• Nancy Brown is a part-time psychiatric nurse practitioner, working in collaboration with Dr. Madeline Philpot, psychiatrist.
• Jean Matchell, Jackie Arnold and Kendra Blankenship are three licensed practical nurses on staff.
• Rebekah Patterson is the case/clinic manager.
• Drs. Jennifer Jones, Laura Adams and Ibukun Akinyede, all dentists, work part-time to provide one full-time equivalent position.
• Grace Perez and Stephanie Damron are dental assistants.
• Beki Wade is the Smile Mobile and school liaison.
• Angie Jones is the biller.
• Kathy Duncan is the chief financial officer.
• Michaela Beezley and Kim Howlett are contracted with Pathways for 24 hours per week as behavioral health providers.
Beechner-McCarthy said a family practice physician is needed, as are dentists and more administrative support.
Looking ahead, she said more space will be needed for more health care providers, a pharmacy and a dental clinic. Also, patients covered by Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance will be needed to provide funding; currently most patients are “self-pay,” she said.
Additional administrative staff will be needed.
Future plans include more services for the aged population, a focus on on community health and wellness, obstetrics, pediatrics and optometry.
Medicaid expansion is needed for people who are working for wages in the $9 to $11 range, the handout she provided to board members noted.
That handout gave some examples of Missourians who would benefit by expanding the government health program, such as working-class folks whose employers don’t offer insurance and owners of start-up companies who can’t afford to buy insurance while growing their company.
The information on the handout can be found at