St. James High football kicks off Tiger action Friday in Sullivan.

The St. James High School football team will kick off the jamboree action for Tiger athletics on Friday, competing in the Sullivan Football Jamboree.

The Sullivan Football Jamboree is slated to begin at 7 p.m. and will include St. James, Sullivan, Salem and Pacific.

Admission is $2 for both adults and students. A concession stand will be available.

Two teams will play a scrimmage on each side of the field, from 40 yards in. Each team will run a set number of offensive and defensive plays against each of the other three squads.

The St. James High softball squad will host the St. James Softball Jamboree on Saturday at Nelson Hart Park.

St. James, St. Clair and Hermann will participate.

The schedule is as follows:
11 a.m.: St. James vs. St. Clair
11:45 a.m.: St. Clair vs. Hermann
12:30 p.m.: St. James vs. Hermann

A maximum of four innings against each team and a maximum of eight innings for each school will be allowed.

There will be free substituting and each half inning will end after three outs or eight runs, whichever comes first.

Admission to the jamboree is free.

On Tuesday, Aug. 19 the St. James High volleyball team will compete in the Union Jamboree.

The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Union High School.

Boys’ Soccer
School officials were trying to work out a jamboree in which the St. James High boys’ soccer team might participate in, but so far nothing has been finalized.