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  • Dave Weinbaum: Genocide of Christians takes a back seat to hating Israel

  • There’s something familiar about what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the last ten years, we’ve heard the news of church burnings, rapes, kidnappings and mass murders.
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  • There’s something familiar about what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. Over the last ten years, we’ve heard the news of church burnings, rapes, kidnappings and mass murders.
    All these have taken place at the hands of Muslim Jihadists in the Mideast and North Africa. Yet, nothing has been as stirring as the void that was filled by the Obama-led evacuation of US forces in Iraq. ISIS, an organized militia of Sunni Muslims, conquered a large swath of Iraq and Syria in just weeks after the last US combat soldier left. Many of their weapons were abandoned US issue, trucks and tanks.
    This followed the order of that foreign policy genius and Pulitzer Peace Prize winner, Barack Hussein Obama. Meanwhile, ISIS proclaimed a Muslim Caliphate and return to Sharia law in an ever-expanding campaign. They’ve threatened everyone from Israel to every Shiite they can get within bullet or sword range. Recently, they said they’d be visiting NYC soon.
    The worst off are the Christians—left defenseless in these Sharia hyped areas.
    Jews suffered through similar turmoil throughout their entire 3300 year history.
    Those who let things happen lose to those who make things happen
    Last Saturday, after 2,000 years as citizens of Mosul, Iraq--a city of 664,000--the remaining 66,000 Christians were kicked out by ISSA’s Sunni Muslims.
    The Christ followers were given a choice.
    They were told to convert to Islam, pay a huge tax (Jyzyah), leave forever or face the sword.
    There’s much precedent for this. The invasion of Khaybar by Mohammed in 629 is still a rallying cry for Muslims seeking to kill Jews. The unprepared Jewish farmers in this town near Medina surrendered soon after the invasion started. They convinced Mohammed to let them stay for half their crops. That lasted until 642 when they were summarily kicked out, lock, stock and menorahs.
    If this seems a little removed from modern day, let’s review the last century for more cases.
Below is the trail of tears; of whole Arabic Jewish communities since around 1940:
    ▪ Algeria-140,000 Jews in 1948, less than 100 today.
    ▪ Yemen-55,000 Jews in 1948, less than 200 today.
    ▪ Egypt-80,000 Jews in 1948, less than 100 today. Twenty-five thousand Jews allowed to keep one suitcase each and forced to sign declaration "donating" their property to Egypt.
    ▪ Iran-100,000 Jews in 1948, 25,000 today.
    ▪ Libya-30,000 Jews before 1945, -0- today. In 1945, 140 Jews were murdered in Tripoli.
    ▪ Iraq-150,000 Jews in 1948, less than 40 today. In 1941, 180 Jews were murdered in Baghdad pogrom.
    ▪ Lebanon-30,000 Jews in 1948, less than 30 today.
    ▪ Morocco-500,000 Jews in 1948, less than 700 today.
    ▪ Syria-30,000 Jews in 1948, less than 100 today. Two-hundred homes shops and synagogues destroyed in 1947 in Aleppo.
    Page 2 of 2 - ▪ Tunisia-105,000 Jews in 1948, less than 1,500 today.
    Jews had vibrant communities in many of these countries 2,000 years before Islam was born. *Taken from my column on JWR from 4/2/10
    With the lack of news and protest about these Iraqi Christians, it may as well have been 629 all over again.
    Where’s the Pope? When he visited Israel recently, His Holiness made a big show of identifying with Palestinian Muslims and their leaders. He didn’t seem enthralled with meeting the Jews who run Israel.
    Where’s our brilliant President? Why hasn’t he instructed Michelle to lead another Hashtag charge for these disinherited Jesus followers on Twitter?
    The only official objection I’ve been aware of are from the Catholic League in the USA. Other than black Christian girls kidnapped by the Islamist nuts, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Obama Administration hasn’t uttered a peep regarding the ongoing Christian devastation.
    Yet, if reports are to be believed, Obama joined many stars by demanding a unilateral ceasefire by Israel in its rightful war to blow up Hamas invasion tunnels and stop the thousands of rockets headed toward women and children in the Jewish homeland from Gaza.
    Christians, welcome to the hate-filled life of the Jews.
    Why not combine our forces and fight back?
    Wonder if the Pontiff will approve.
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