Where reasonable rules are ignored civilizations die

We are witnessing such in America where the Democrat-run Senate, the agencies of the federal government and President Obama himself are lawless political hacks, aided by a corrupt press. Their entire world is NOT what’s in America’s interest. It’s obvious that Dems are so incompetent they can’t run anything successfully—except their mouths. Their one and only desire—the thing that holds them together—is to do anything to achieve and increase their power.

Here’s what we know right now about what Dems will do to win:

The IRS ratting out conservatives to the Justice Department to delay applications. Their intent is to have them audited and throw them in jail. That includes a sitting US Senator, Chuck Grassley. What was once Richard Nixon’s wet dream is now part of the Democratic Party’s game book. Place guns in the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel—to destroy our own Second Amendment rights revoked. Our President classifies a bathroom break in the Senate as a recess to appoint members to the powerful NLRB. The Supremes ruled 9-0 against this illegal power grab. The Obama-controlled EPA is destroying the clean coal industry. That will drive up already high electric rates 20 to 40% more, plus eliminate thousands of jobs in clean coal plants across the country. Refusal to build the Keystone Pipeline, a no-brainer for energy independence and thousands of jobs. (This and the last point keep major fundraising amongst the Dem base flowing.) Two militias are in Obamacare bill with Obama in charge. Remember that civilian force just as strong and just as well funded as our regular armed forces Obama promised us when he was running in July of 2008? It’s the law, now! The President breaks his own law—Obamacare--40 times, playing hide-and-seek with the truth about how oppressive this law is and how expensive it will further destroy our health care system and our once-robust capitalism. The President and his Secretary of State lied to America, aided by a complicit press, especially Candy Crowley of CNN. As a moderator, Crowley became party to the Obama Administration during the 2012 Presidential debates to counter a Romney Benghazi claim. Obama’s AG, Eric Holder drops charges against New Black Panthers who clearly broke election law and admitted to such by showing up at a Philadelphia polling place armed with clubs—keeping his black base energized. Obama, Holder and the IRS have committed crimes from contempt of Congress to obstruction of justice, all to hide the real facts of what they’re doing to this country. Leaving four Americans, one an ambassador and three American soldiers to be tortured and murdered over 8.5 hours in an attack.  No one was ordered to go in and fight to save them—not by President Obama or then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Obama’s phony war on women has now morphed to equal blame on Republicans and the Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby suit to be exempted from participating in abortive contraception. Obama, seeking to destroy Congress, now rules with a phone and a pen. What’s next?

Human sacrifice(Benghazi) Kneeling and praying to our new Messiah(the MSM) Herding veterans, tea partiers and political enemies into reeducation camps (Janet Napolitano’s wet dream) Tag instead of NFL Football The Washington Redskins defrocked of their name Turning red states into blue via mass invasion of illegal aliens Thirty-eight news organizations issuing a letter to President Obama pleading with him to be more open (Check that one off the to-do list.) Card Check-union officials being able to observe how you vote. Stealing our money from our banks, brokerage firms, pension plans to redistribute to whomever they want. As I was walking out of the house last Friday to do my radio show, my girlfriend Lisa stopped me. She had found that I had left my pen and my phone. As she handed them over, she said something profound. “Dave, you are now qualified to be President of the United States!”

Upon hearing this, the skeletons in my closet woke up and nearly laughed us into an earthquake.

Right now, the best bet is to be laser-focused on the 2014 elections. We must make Democrats pay for their intentional destruction of our country for half-baked ideas that they can’t administer and have failed throughout history.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the lawlessness they imposed upon us and the total disregard for the way our founders intended the Constitution to work.

If not us, who? If not November, when?