Here in America, we love our veterans.
Well, maybe not all of us.
According to a May 30 Washington Post article, 1,700 veterans were kept on waiting lists, forcing them to wait an average of 115 days for “an initial primary care appointment.”
A report revealed that records had been falsified to hide the amount of time, while further investigation revealed similar practices nationwide.
This is unacceptable. But then again, what’s new?
Here’s another sobering statistic: The VA estimates that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.
According to an April 2014 article from the National Journal, this means about 8,030 veterans kill themselves every year. Of that number, more than 5,540 are 50 or older.
Congress is now discussing a measure that would allow veterans to see private doctors on the VA’s dime.
I am embarrassed that it took an Obama-related scandal to create a sense of urgency in this country.
As the grandson of a Navy veteran, I have seen the number of aging veterans who are wasting away in veteran’s homes, while others strive to cope with their physical and mental injuries.
There is no doubt that there are capable and committed men and women employed at veteran’s homes and hospitals.
But for those who are complicit in this scandal and haven’t been caught, shame on you.
Regardless of how we feel about war in the 21st century, our veterans have earned their benefits.
So the time for excuses and finger pointing is over.
Is this Obama’s fault? It doesn’t matter – it happened on his watch. As he says, “the buck stops with me.”
But you have to ask yourself – why do the biggest scandals surface during election years?
I would venture to say that the timing is no coincidence.
Regardless, we need immediate action. We need more than a few resignations. We need key people in every veteran’s facility in the U.S., making sure that this problem is resolved.
We as Americans should hold our nation’s leaders accountable.
In the weeks that this story has circulated through the media, senators and congressmen should have ran to their nearest VA hospital and asked what they could do to help.
Show us you can do something besides shut down the government and act like children.
The ball is in your court.
Ponder that!