Street paving slated to begin next month

ST. JAMES – Mayor Dennis Wilson on Monday night announced the resignation of Ward 4 City Councilman Josh Cahill.
Cahill, a  local school teacher who ran unopposed in Ward 4 this year, has purchased a home in Ward 2.
City Administrator Jeff Davis said last week that moving out of Ward 4 required Cahill to resign.  
Cahill officially submitted his letter of resignation after the May City Council meeting.
Cahill and his wife, Terra, are in the process of adopting, and the move was necessary, he said.
"It was the right decision," said Cahill. "In the future, I may potentially run again, but while we are waiting for our kids, I am going to reevaluate how many irons I have in the fire."
The council also approved a bid award to Rolla Asphalt in the amount of $108,473.52. Other bids received included $115,072.60 from NB West Contractors and $104,196.00 from Pierce Asphalt.
This year's city repaving project should begin in July if the weather permits.
"We did this last year, but it kept raining and we kept pushing it off," Davis said.
Streets scheduled for repaving include St. Gregory, St. David, St. Dennis, St. Richard, St. Johns, St. Marcus, Home Drive, Courtney, Jay Street and Christina Street.
The council also approved a bid from Midland GIS Solutions in the amount of $64,722 for utilities mapping
and lease renewal agreements for Golden Age Center and the Chamber of Commerce.