Total of 193 cyclists competed for 2014 Missouri State Road Racing Championships honors.

Rounding out the Summerfest weekend, last Sunday’s Hellbender Bicycle Race featured 193 cyclists competing for 2014 Missouri State Road Racing Championships honors.  

Cyclists competed in 17 different categories, from junior riders completing a 12 mile course to the top men and women racing for 87 miles.  The grueling course started at Columbia College on Blues Lake Parkway, proceeded South through Newburg and returned to the finish line on Bridge School Road.

The event is named for the endangered Hellbender salamander indigenous to Ozark streams. Hellbender is a USA Cycling sanctioned event.

Twenty-four-year-old Isaiah Newkirk, of St. Louis, won state championship honors in the top men’s category, and 26 year old Danielle Bradley, of Branson, brought home the state championship in the top women’s category.

The event brought hundreds of participants, support staff and volunteers to Rolla. “It was a great day to show off our region to a lot of visitors.” said Kevin Edwards, race director for the event, “This course is one of the most challenging and scenic in the Midwest.  We had our best turnout yet, and the weather was fantastic.”

Also as part of Summerfest, the Rolla Multisport Club supported the Tour de Phelps, a family-friendly ride to and from St. James, and kid’s bicycle/tricycle race in downtown Rolla.  According to Edwards, “We had over 30 people ride to St. James, and a bunch of happy kids at the children’s race.  All-in-all a fantastic weekend of cycling as part of a very successful Summerfest.”

The Rolla Multisport Club is a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to fitness education and the promotion of running, cycling, swimming, and related sports. For more information about the race or the club, see