Seems our government’s policies have fallen to the Twitter # bug. With a daily delivery of #thiswant and #thatwant #whosbad and #whosgood, we’ve now solidified our Socialistic trip by riding on the roller coaster of social media.

Seems our government’s policies have fallen to the Twitter # bug. With a daily delivery of #thiswant and #thatwant #whosbad and #whosgood, we’ve now solidified our Socialistic trip by riding on the roller coaster of social media.
Michelle Obama set it off with a tweet to the terrorists of Boko Haram, a known part of al-Qaeda. They had brazenly kidnapped 300 Christian girls, forced them to convert to Islam, made them pose with their new Muslim garb and threatened to sell them into a lifetime of slavery.
The First Lady published a picture of her looking demurely, while holding a sign that said, “#bring back our girls.” Nice! However, Muslims have been raping, kidnapping, force-converting and murdering Christians in increasing levels for the last 15 years. The population of Christians in their ancestral birthplace of the Mideast has subsided from 20% to 5%.
As a side note, the kidnapped formerly Christian girls are all black as are the terrorists. There are several reasons why this is important:
·         It breaks the myth in this country that it was only whites who enslaved blacks.
·         Slavery in the USA is dead but in the Mideast and Africa it’s alive.
·         An al-Qaeda affiliate and Muslim group is the culprit.
·         In 2011, President Obama and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ignored the advice of its own FBI, Justice Department and CIA, refusing to label Boko Haram as a terrorist organization.
The question is, WHY?
Since no one is offering an explanation, I’ll surmise that they were reluctant to identify Boko Haram as jihadists because they were black. Also, Obama and the Dems were grooming themselves for the 2012 election on the false premise that GM was alive and al-Qaeda was dead. It’s important to remember that if the Obama Administration had dealt with the reality of this group’s known terror activities; they may have weakened them with the sanctions that go along with terrorist designations.
Secretary John Kerry finally designated Boko Haram as a terrorist group in November of 2013, but there hasn’t been enough time to do the Jihadists enough damage to limit their evil acts.
Now we are sending troops, drones and weapons into the jungles of Nigeria and Chad to save these girls.
After all, we know these savages are uncivilized if they didn’t turn over the girls intact after being #hashtagged by the FLOTUS.
Just in case it does work and the girls are miraculously saved, alive, well and reconverted to Christianity, I have a few original quotes that could be # tagged bringing me and my brood fame and fortune:
1.       Those who fail to shepherd the herd tend to want to bar-b-q it.
2.       Be an oasis not a mirage.
3.       If you can’t excel with talent triumph with effort.
4.       Be a beacon of light to those seeking a ray of hope.
5.       What do you call a donkey that counts? Smartass.
6.       The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.
7.       Don’t forget to pack your courage for your journey to greatness.
8.       Sometimes you have to stand on a dime to turn on a dollar.
9.       You’ll never be number one as long as you insist on being full of number two.
10.   Sometimes you have to put your foot down to get a leg up.
11.   Hear about the Vegas casino for seniors? It’s called Seizure’s Palace.
12.   Victories often occur when you see no way to succeed but refuse to give up anyway.
13.   Never give up, never let up and you’ll never let yourself down.
14.   The most important inheritance you can leave your children is the example you leave in life.
15.   A father provides the paint but the mother creates the masterpiece.
16.   Hear about the wedding between the QB and the wide receiver? The wedding wasn’t much but the reception was fabulous.
17.   A window of opportunity won’t open itself.
18.   I used to live in a gated community but they let me out for good behavior.
19.   It takes legs to run a marathon. It takes heart to win a marathon.
20.   I drove out to buy a condo, but ended up with a flat.
21.   What does Santa call the first three on his Naughty Girls List? HO HO HO!
22.   While it’s important to win, it’s imperative to compete.
23.   Contrarians drink to remember.
24.   I went to a silent auction but a mime got all the good stuff.
25.   I grew up on a rattlesnake ranch. I was an only child…eventually.
26.   Hear about the midget who was always looking over his shoulder? He was a little paranoid.
27.   Most don’t lose too often as much as quit too soon.
In light of the complete ineptness of this administration in using Michelle’s hashtag message instead of the tools of the formerly most powerful country in the world, let us pray for those girls’ rescue and their safe journey—to Israel.
Just think, if there were more Christian black girls in Jerusalem, our President may take his alliance with the Jewish State seriously.