Seniors who volunteer with the Phelps County Senior Companions program were honored for their years of service Tuesday during an annual carry-in luncheon.

Seniors who volunteer with the Phelps County Senior Companions program were honored for their years of service Tuesday during an annual carry-in luncheon.
More than 70 seniors volunteer with the program all over the county in private homes, residential care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. There are about 13 volunteer stations in the county.
This marks the 38th anniversary of the program in Phelps County.
The county organization is sponsored by the Phelps County Commission and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Jan Boatright, who serves as director, said many groups and businesses support the program, including the United Way of South Central of Missouri. With that group’s donation, Senior Companions can be reimbursed for mileage to and from homes where they help their fellow seniors.
Boatright also noted that a donation from Goody’s, which allowed shoppers to donate to the program in March, raised about $488 for Senior Companions, which in addition to some donations through the Senior Companions office, helped pay for the luncheon.
Each month, a Senior Companion is recognized and his or her photo and story are published in the Rolla Daily News. “That’s how they know us...they see us in the paper,” Boatright said.
Other sponsors include Blossom Basket, Dr. James J. Bass and Memorial Tributes. Boatright also recognized members of the Senior Companions advisory council.
The luncheon was held at the multi-purpose room at the Phelps County Courthouse, a different location as in past years.
Since last year’s luncheon, the program lost three of its Senior Companions, whose names were read — Gerald Miers, Wilda Beamon and Donna Moreland.
In addition, Senior Companions who have joined since May 2013 were recognized — Linda Carlton, Linda McCoy, Joyce Smith, Joyce Topolski, Patsy Warren and Jo Ann Duncan.
A complete list of Senior Companions honored and their years of service can be found in the sidebar.
People who know of a Phelps County resident who might benefit from the services of a Senior Companion may call 573-458-6180 for further information.

Senior Companions honored
26 years — Avenell Richards
23 years — Vonna Marston
21 years — Faustena Moore and Marie Witzke
20 years — Frances Martinkus
18 years — Ophelia “Fee” Parkinson and Thelma Walker
16 years — Joanne Dill
14 years — Judy McKibben
13 years — Welma Gann, Erma McDowell, Earl Pilger and Donna Turner
12 years — Goldie Masterson
10 years — Mary Jane Dodson, Cecil Goforth and Jeanette Lanham
Nine years — Barbara Black, Robert Dodson, Virginia Leimkiller and Mildred “Beth” Peddicord
Eight years — Mopelola Olusanya
Seven years — Glenda Hill, Alice Jarrett and Jo Ann Wibbenmeyer
Six years — Carmalea Bentley, Patsy Davis, Georgia Littrell and Leona Phillips
Five years — Sabra Cunningham, Margaret Jose, Doris Meyer, Fannie “Irene” Parsons, Darlene Utter
Four years — Patricia Adair, Linda Browning, Bernice Chapman, Gerena “Sue” Dunham, Ruth Hengartner, Dorothy Jackson and Ivan Sieber
Two years — Barbara Carroll, Donna Gann, Elaine Gillis, Yolanda Keller, Ellen Lewis, Dixie Madonna, Mary McCutcheon, Pauline Parkinson, Mary Pruett, Jamie Stephens and Glenna Strawhun
One year — Gary Linna