A former Rolla Ford dealership owner is now head of The Community Partnership, the organization's executive committee has announced.

A former Rolla Ford dealership owner is now head of The Community Partnership, the organization’s executive committee has announced.
Denny LaBantschnig has been named the executive director of the local non-profit organization.
LaBantschnig replaces former executive director, Amy Beechner-McCarthy, who left the Partnership after almost 20 years this winter to take the role of chief executive officer of the new federally-qualified health center in Rolla.
LaBantschnig and Beechner-McCarthy spoke at the May 12 staff meeting at the Partnership.
"Denny is truly a man of compassion," said Beechner-McCarthy. "I am so pleased that he has been chosen and is bringing with him his heart, brain and skills to lead this organization. He will be perfect to take the Partnership on to the next level. I know the staff will welcome him, and give him the support he will need to build on the wonderful work already being done."
LaBantschnig said he was "privileged and honored" to take on the new job.
"Amy has touched the lives of so many people during her years here at the Partnership," he said. "I just want to say thank you to her for all the wonderful gifts she has given to our community. Her dedication to this organization, and her vision led to this being the organization as we know it today. My goal is to push forward and build on to an already remarkable non-profit organization."
LaBantschnig was the president and owner of Denny Ford Lincoln in Rolla for 24 years. A native of the St. Louis area, LaBantschnig is married to Susan Malone LaBantschnig.
"You may be wondering what a car guy is doing as an executive director of a non-profit," he said. "I equate it to this - when I was on the Ford Lincoln Dealer Council, before Alan Mullaly was hired as CEO of Ford Motor Company. There were 19 of us on this dealer council, and people were saying ‘This guy is an airplane guy [coming from Boeing.] What does he know about cars?’ Alan Mullaly told us that he didn't know about cars, but he knew about production and finance. Everyone knows it turned out well for Mullaly at Ford. I guess that's what I want the public to know - I may not know all there is to know about non-profits, but I do know about sales and marketing, I have a lot of compassion and I care about our communities."
LaBantschnig said he has already implemented an "open door policy" and encourages the public to contact him if they have any questions about The Community Partnership.
"I love this organization, and I'd like nothing better than to share our stories with anyone interested in hearing more about us."
The Community Partnership, located at 1101 Hauck Drive in Rolla, has a staff of 29, and handles funds of $1.5 million annually. Programs under the auspices of the Partnership include Capable Kids and Families, serving families with children with disabilities; Young Parents Program, serving pregnant and parenting youth, ages 14-21; Early Care and Education, helping area child care providers enhance their programs and reach accreditation; Independent Living Program, serving youth aging out of the foster care system; and the organization hosts the annual Linking Hearts Adoption Fair. The Community Partnership Resale Shop, located at 2100D North Highway 63 in Rolla, provides financial support to the organization. Proceeds from sales at the resale shop go directly back into programming at the Partnership.
The Community Partnership is led by a board of directors that includes Kenny Barnes, Shad Becker, Mike Brooks, John Butz, Dr. Jeff Cawlfield, John Denbo, Barbara Durnin, Marilyn Frederick, Kim Hawk, Sherry Ann Heavin, Dr. Dan Hier, Mardy Leathers, Tom Manion, Dr. Deborah McKee, Bill Morgan (board chairman,) Jeff Schrader, the Honorable Mary Sheffield, Tom Thomas, Mike Thompson, Jodi Waltman, Wendy Young and Dottye Wolf.
For more information about The Community Partnership, visit its Facebook or Twitter pages or www.thecommunitypartnership.org.