Name: Michelle Boulware.
Age: 25.
Hometown: Pearl, Miss.
Education: RTC LPN Program (2012), Columbia College, BS and BA in accounting and finance (2009).
Family: Husband, Joseph Boulware; children, Christopher and Anna Grace; parents Robert and Betty Williams
Hobbies/other interests: Scrapbooking, cooking, teaching the preschool class at church, being a wife and mom.
How many years have you been a nurse: 2.
Why did you decide to become a nurse? I wanted a career where I felt like I could make a difference and feel good about the job I did at night.
Were/are you inspired by any other nurses? A nurse named Penny was what sealed the deal for me to go to nursing school. She took care of my grandmother during her final days, and I just remember how caring she was to pray for my grandmother, that she would use gentle hands to take care of her. That is something I've carried with me over the last few years, that I would have the same impact in someone's life.
What is the best part of your job? Making lasting connections with people. The patients become like an extended family. I'm blessed to work with great doctors and have some of the best patients. It's nice to know they care about you as much as you care for them.
What is something people may not know about your job? Patients are great storytellers. We give them medicine for the body but they give us medicine for the soul. It's more than just taking vitals and reconciling medication lists. It's lending an ear to that person for a few moments and learning something about them and yourself.
What advice would you give to people who may be considering going into nursing? If you have that inner drive or desire to become a nurse, stick with it, make a plan and have a support system that can help you reach your goal. Don't give up if it seems impossible. Keep reaching for the stars. Your future patients will be worth the effort.