Name: Karen Clover.
Age: 53.
Hometown: St. James.          
Education: ADN from ECC in Union and BSN from CMU in Fayette.    
Family: Married for 35 years to my husband, Don, with two grown boys, Wes and Chris, and two grandchildren, Ryley and Lilly.
Hobbies/other interests: Reading, puzzles, watching comedies and mysteries, activities with the family.
How many years have you been a nurse: 26
Why did you decide to become a nurse? I had always wanted to be a nurse. I think one thing that made me want to be a nurse was that I had a brother that was diagnosed with PKU. (That was before there was mandatory testing). He died when he was 11. He required a lot of care. I saw that and I always wanted to help people.
Were/are you inspired by any other nurses? Actually my first job at PCRMC was a nursing assistant, working nights on the obstetric ward. I learned so much from the nurses and aides. It kind of sealed the desire to be a nurse. Also my mother was an operating room technician, so I had been around the medical field for many years.    
What is the best part of your job? I know everyone says helping people…but that is really a very big part of it. If I can make someone have less fear and an understanding of a procedure, test or diagnosis, then I have done my job. There are moments you never forget. That is what keeps you going when things get you down. I recall early in my career here, I started on the oncology floor and had a patient who died of cancer; he was one year older than me and it was very hard. I was with him and his family until the end. A few months later I transferred to the obstetrics ward and had the pleasure of assisting that patient’s brother and wife with the delivery of their first child.
What is something people may not know about your job? I am currently a director of a nursing unit so I oversee a number of nurses and nursing assistants. I started as an aide and went on to school and worked up to my current position. I still visit patients and answer questions.
What advice would you give to people who may be considering going into nursing? Nursing is really a great career. You have to have patience to explain everything to your patients and their families. Also, your own learning never stops. Medicine is really like a puzzle at times. You are given many pieces of information, and you have to put them all together to make the picture of what is going on. You are a detective. You have to decipher all the clues given. Nursing has many different areas to work in, and I think you need to find your niche.