The city and state of New York are committing suicide. Former Mayor 
Rudolph Giuliani once led this city to prosperity and helped unite it 
after 9/11.
Then came Michael Bloomberg who decided he knew better than you what 
was good for you. You may remember his policy of attempting to ban all 
soft drinks over 16 ounces.
He and Governor Andrew Cuomo also championed huge gun control measures 
statewide making New York one of the most restrictive anti-gun states 
in the nation.
Governor Cuomo was then quoted as saying that people who are anti-
abortion, pro second amendment, and pro traditional marriage, are 
extreme conservatives and “have no place in the state of New York.”
Cuomo says he’s a practicing Catholic but his own church is opposed to 
two out of three of his get out of New York points.
Then came newly elected New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio. Pledging 
to address income inequality between the rich and poor, that he calls 
“A tale of two cities,” he won a resounding victory in November with 
more than 70% of the vote.
At De Blasio’s inauguration, former President Bill Clinton called 
income inequality a moral outrage and said eliminating it will “give 
people the security they need to tackle problems like climate change.”
The first way to conquer this they say are tax increases. The first 
proposed tax increase is on people with incomes over $500,000.
New York City and state taxes together already constitute one of the 
highest tax burdens in the country and any more could drive those 
taxpayers to states with lower taxes.
To further his agenda, Mayor De Blasio announced he is cutting $210 
million in funding set aside for charter schools.
He argued that charter schools have a “destructive impact” on 
traditional schools even though charter schools have given thousands 
of low income minority children their only shot at a decent education.
Children opting out of traditional public schools are a threat to the 
teachers’ unions, which supported De Blasio during his campaign so he 
will do whatever he can to stop the expansion of these programs.
De Blasio also declared that New York City’s public schools will be 
closed for at least two Muslim holy days.
So now what if students from other various ethnicities now demand 
their uniquely ethnic holidays be added to the school vacation calendar?
Mr. De Blasio then claimed that the city is “underserved” by its 
dozens of abortion locations and pledged to help abortion supporters 
wipe out pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. He campaigned for 
increased access to abortion providers despite New York City having 
the highest abortion rate in the country. According to New York 
Magazine, approximately 41% of pregnancies in New York City end in 
To appease the animal rights activists, the new mayor has vowed to get 
rid of the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park and replace them with 
electric cars. This is a wildly popular tourist attraction that’s been 
around for 100 years. If that wasn’t enough, De Blasio plans to give 
illegal aliens city government issued ID cards, allowing the access to 
city services.
Bill De Blasio is sending New York City toward the inevitable 
destruction that is the fascist nanny state and Governor Cuomo has 
sent a message that it’s not acceptable to be a conservative in the 
state of New York.
They represent the direction that every liberal wants to head.
They call it progressive but it’s actually regressive. Ask any Marxist 
what our government’s responsibilities should be, and they will give 
you a laundry list of things that aren’t expressed in the constitution.
The problem is that these ideas have been tried many times before, and 
every single time, they have failed miserably. Marxist philosophies 
never work.
As New York turns into a leftist progressive dream state, reality will 
rear its ugly head.
In a city where democrats outnumber republicans six to one and where 
it’s possible for children without insurance to literally get a sex 
change operation at taxpayer expense, nothing should surprise us.
This is a leftist progressive’s dream and when it all implodes, it’ll 
once again be conservatives that will be asked to bail them out.